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Are they FMed 4?
FMed 8 (E-Form) - Report on a Person for Psychiatric Examination

FMed 10 (E-Form) - In-Patient Case Sheet

FMed 11 (E-Form) - Clinical Continuation Sheet

FMed 12 (E-Form) - Laboratory Request Form

FMed 12A (E-Form) - Request for Blood Transfusion

FMed 13 (E-Form) - TPR and BP Chart (Temperature and Blood Pressure)

FMed 14 (E-Form) - In-Patient Record

FMed 85 (E-Form) - Notification Of Infectious Disease

FMed 95 (E-Form) - J97 Morbidity Surveillance

FMed 100 (E-Form) - Daily Fluid Balance Chart

FMed 138 (E-Form) - Eye Witness Account of a Fit or Disturbance of Consciousness

FMed 143 (E-Form) - Periodic and Special Medical Examination Record

FMed 143A (E-Form) - COSHH: Medical Surveillance Record

FMed 152 (E-Form) - Drug Record

FMed 156A (E-Form) - Physiotherapy Request

FMed 242 (E-Form) - Audiogram

FMed 289 (E-Form) - Request for X-Ray Examination

FMed 290 (E-Form) - Head Injury Observation Chart

FMed 566 (E-Form) - Medical Report

FMed 573 (E-Form) - External Demand Issue And Receipt Voucher Medical and Dental Material

FMed 790 (E-Form) - Pregnancy Certificate

FMed 826 (E-Form) - R.N./ARMY/R.A.F. Field Medical Card

FMed 827 (E-Form) - R.N./ARMY/R.A.F. Field Medical Card Continuation Sheet

FMed 828 (E-Form) - Field Nursing Card
wow, whatever happened to the good old FMed 4?
It isn't a case of can print off, you now have to print most of them off as you can't order them through the system anymore. Very helpful if you are packing for a major exercise and can't jam the Dii terminal into the back of the ambi.
But they are the patient observation charts arent they?
Here's the full list:


F Med 1 (Revised 08/02) - Medical Examination Report
F Med 5 (Revised 08/95) - Attendance and Treatment Card
F Med 5a (Revised 08/95) - Summary Card
F Med 7 (Revised 10/90) - Out Patient Record
F Med 7a - Record of Temporary Medical Downgrading / re-grading
F Med 10 (Revised 12/95) - In-Patient Case Sheet
F Med 11 (Revised 05/95) - Clinical Continuation Sheet
F Med 12 (Revised 01/90) - Examination Request PDF
F Med 13 (Revised 08/90) - TPR and BP Chart PDF
F Med 14 (Revised 02/91) - In-Patient Record PDF
F Med 19 (Revised 05/90) - Medical Board - Proceedings
F Med 23 (Revised 04/07) - Medical Board Record
F Med 24 (Revised 01/03) - Medical Board Discharge Form
F Med 85 (Revised 01/03) - Notification of Infectious Disease
F Med 133 (Revised 02/08) - Medical History on Release from HM Forces
F Med 143 (Revised 06/00) - Periodic and Special Medical Examination Record
F Med 156 (Revised 07/07) - Physiotherapy Record Sheet
F Med 156a (Revised 08/97) - Physiotherapy Request
F Med 246 (Revised 12/07) - Request For Issue Of NHS Number and Transfer of Medical Records
F Med 270 (Revised 07/90) - National Health Service Default Form
F Med 289 (Revised 07/95) - Request for X-Ray Examination
F Med 290 (Revised 01/08) - Head Injury Observation Chart
F Med 296 (Revised 01/96) - Prescription
F Med 585 - Certificate Issue Voucher for Medical and Dental Materiel
F Med 660 (Revised 09/92) - Consent Form
F Med 790 (Revised 09/97) - Pregnancy Certificate
F Med 826 - Field Medical Card PDF [
F Med 827 - Field Medical Card Continuation Sheet PDF
F Med 828 - Field Nursing Card
F Med 1018 - DU Information Card
F Med 1019 - Coming Home from Operational Deployment
F Med 1020 - Dealing with Traumatic Experiences
F Med 1026 (Arabic) (Revised 11/05) - Medical Examination for Detainees
F Med 1026 (Revised 04/08) - Medical Examination for Detainees
F Med 1040 (Revised) 04/07) - Peri-Operative Care Form
F Med 1041 Revised May 08 – Occupational Report on an Individual Referred for Specialist Opinion
well done Sluicey, nice one, us techy types didnt usually pay much attention to all that paperwork malarky, far to busy slicing and dicing, drinking coffee and mopping up the red stuff!
Filbert Fox said:
well done Sluicey, nice one, us techy types didnt usually pay much attention to all that paperwork malarky, far to busy slicing and dicing, drinking coffee and mopping up the red stuff!

Not like you to be sarcastic FF.......slicing and dicing your cake, drinking coffee and sloshing down the red stuff as in cabernet sauvignon seems more pertinent to a "techy type"
I always knew that if I hung around Arrse for long enough, someone would publish something useful.... :D

If I am ever posted to a Med unit, I will be in clover!

Of course, had to take something to try to get rid of that damned itch!
The FMED 4 is on its way out now (all DMICP or what ever will be the new version). I know for the last year the RN and RM phase 1 establishments have stopped using them.

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