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  1. If an Fmed8 is written about someone, is there any going back? Yes its about me, and I am looking for advice here. Currently being treated for depression, everything else was going fine no probs at all, now found out that my chain of command have decided that I cannot handle the pace of life at my present unit, but was told that everything was fine at my MYA. The cpn I am seeing has asked if I want a Fmed8 written on me but I am worried that it will be the end of my career if it is written. What could the outcome be? Thanks for any help here.
  2. Im no CPN and no expert but as it stands legally it shouldnt disciminate against you as far as your career go's "medical in cofidence etc"
    however in some circumstances your CO may be informed if deemed appropriate hope this helps your descision good luck

    hopefuly someone with better knowledge in this area will advise
  3. @ Bertiesuncle:

    The Padre, Doctors, CPNs and Psychologists working for the armed forces have a duty of care which isn't equal to their civilian counterparts.

    If you indicate certain ideas (suicidal) then your chain will be informed as it is deemed that your CO etc will need to know for the security and safeguarding of the unit AND because the armed forces have a duty of care for you, the individual, which most civilian employers do not share.

    Only you know what is wrong with you and the only advice I can give you through own personal experience is: Be truthful and take what help you can get!!!

    FMED *........ never heard of one but as mentioned before they are not allowed to discriminate against you and I presume, that it's a report for your MO!?

    Hope it helps

  4. I wrote a few FMed8s when I was at sea. Most of them were on lads and lasses who were on their way outside anyway, but one was about an officer.

    The FMed8 allowed him to take time out and get the right treatment for his problem. Last I heard he was back at sea and doing very well professionally.

    So, no, it's not career-suicide but not getting the help you need might be.
  5. Stupid question, but did your CPN not explain the reason for requesting the F Med 8 and what it would imply for you?

  6. to answer Sluice dweller, no the cpn has suggested that an Fmed8 be written on me by my chain of command. This is because since I have been getting treatment for depression the opinion of me by my chain of command has altered. I just dont know enough about where my career would stand if it was produced (Fmed8). I'm really trying hard to do things right but need a bit of help at the moment, I don't want to give up my career, I enjoy it a lot but because of the type of unit I am with at the moment it is seen as weak to get help ie "It did'nt happen like that in my day" attitude, "cheer up" etc If it was as simple as that then there would be no problem. Cheers people.
  7. i think you should of been called SICK NOTE.
  8. Hi BU

    Dont worry I had one written on me, my career is now going strength to strength. There is a great deal of bs about fmed 8. Some people you may work with will have a fmed 8 and you dont no about. It is not a deferment on your character. Seeing a cpn is actually the best thing you can do, it gives you time out, it gives you another perspective on life. Doors are sometimes opened that looked locked.

    I witnessed some horrific and traumatic things and trying to be a character who looks strong all the time can cause more harm. If some ones says you are seeing a shrink stand up look proud and say with pride that you can deal with your problems.

    I was extremely embarressed to sit in the waiting room when a gentleman who sat next to me was wearing a sandy beret sat next to me. We had worked together in the past and he was one of the most respected soldiers in the regiment. I talked to him and he told me that this was a way of getting his brain serviced.

    As i said my career has not plummeted in any way i am operational still and you woulldnt believe the anguish i went through but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stiff upper lip and bottling things up will kill you and that is a promise a fmed 8 is a bit of paper saying you are under treatment. Speak to your cpn about it and they will tell you that the amount of soldiers they see every day is huge. The best thing for me was bumping in to my CO whilst he was waiting for his appointment he is now a brigadier.

    If you are unsure pm me

    Good luck Armadillo and Family.
  9. The FMed 8 is one of the only medical document not initiated by the medical services. It is a request for an opinion to the psychological well being of a soldier and is indeed initiated by the CoC.
    You shoud not worry as from what you say you seem to be ok. Just be warned that one of the possible out-comes is that you are discharged as TU (Temprementally Unsuitable) for sevice life.

    As an aside i read a report once that percentage wise 5 times more female soldiers have mental problems than the men. SHOCKER...?
  10. Hello

    An FMed 8 is an occupational assessment and the COs (or reps) administrative recommendations. It allows the mental health team to focus their management more effectively, to get an objective (hopefully) view of the person and to intervene effectively in cases where there is a disciplinary aspect.

    There should only be an original signed copy sent to the mental health team for retention in the patient's notes. There should not be any copies retained in the unit.

    The mental health team then generates an FMed 8a, which is their recommendations to the CoC, and this should not contain medical in confidence data.

    The FMed 8 is covered by disclosure arrangements under the data protection act.

    Many people view it as a negative thing. It isn't. When properly completed it is really helpful in mental health management.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Thanks very much for all the info, much appreciated.
  12. A very good tool - used a lot to help people - I have never seen its use have a negative effect - I have also seen its use literally save a lot of peoples careers and more.