Fmed 24

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Shake n bake, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi, Has anyone got any advise on filling out the fmed 24, I've just been p8 medically discharged and have a week to fill it in and then send it back.
  2. Bump, lets help this chap out.
  3. FMed 24 blank & completed sent by pm
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  4. Well done that man. Yesterday off for you
  5. Thanks pm great help
  6. Can anyone help me with how to complete Fmed 24 , I have a med board this Thursday .

    Thank you
  7. PM EScotia.

    I'm sure he is also losing the will to live by now as well.
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  8. Can anyone help me with filling out my FMed24
  9. Your Unit Welfare Officer, rather than random, educationally sub-normal syphilites on the Internet?

    ETA; I speak for myself, of course.
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  10. pm sent
  11. If you're friendly with your unit medics they can offer advice and provide things like times, dates and places of treatment to aid you in filling out the form.
  12. Blank FMed 24, example FMed 24 & FMed 23 sent.
  13. Anybody a whizz when it comes to completing FMED24
  14. Are you supposed to complete an FMed 24 before or after your Med Board??
  15. Hope this helps

    (Revised 1/03)
    Personal Statement
    ■ This form is to be completed when a Medical Board has recommended that a member of the Forces be discharged from the
    Service/has made recommendations under the terms of RAF QR, paragraph 531.
    ■ These questions are to be answered in the member’s own words. This statement will be checked from official records.