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  1. Does anyone have an electronic copy of the afore mentioned presentation that they could send my way or a source for it online - I have hunted high and low through my usual resources and found all the information relating to POSM but non of them include an actual copy of the brief.

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. Have you tried your local DCMH?
  3. S_D

    Try APHCS website, Mental Health section, sure I saw something there.
  4. Yes to both, not got what I need on the APHC website - although the link from the LANDSO dpes take you to the site, no sign of the presentation.

    Neuroleptic, have tried my local DCMH but they don't have a copy.
  5. check your pms
  6. Nothing in my inbox!
  7. typical, there isn't one on DMICP.
  8. tell me about it! Have hunted high and low on the tinterweb!
  9. check pms (again)