FM12 Respirator

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by alfred_the_great, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. I've just been issued an FM12, as the S10 doesn't fit my odd shaped grid. As a matelot, I've never seen one, nor have our CBRN specialists; can anyone direct me to user level maintenance and stores numbers I can pass on to our specialists?!

    Yours hopefully,

  2. Cheers - was looking for a Service publication, or section of, so that the CBRN team could order the filters and all that chuff. Any takers?
  3. Bad news I'm afraid, the filter is the standard NATO one, if I remember correctly from my CBRNI course the S10 valves fit and that's your lot unfortunately. I had a very crest fallen young Tom who showed me his Gucci new ressi (FM12) and I proceede to point out why the UK hadn't put them on general issue - things like the harness, being webbing, not being very chemical resistant or the smaller eye-pieces etc :roll:
    But at least it fits odd sized heads :)
  4. Do they call you "Lego head?" Or do you look like John Merrick? I've never met anyone that can't get an S10 to fit.
  5. pass - I spent a forenoon with about 4 different S10s in the respirator testing system, none of which I could pass in. First FM12 off the shelf I passed. I do have quite a large heed mind!

    GOG, I shall endeavour never to get in a situation where I need to wear it for real, the prognosis doesn't sound too healthy.

    But thank you for the answers, I shall now go back to shaping my head with a large wrench....
  6. Mine is 62cm and the shape of a 2 week old compo baby but mine still manages to squash into a standard gimp mask. Were you a used as a crash test dummy? How fcuked up is your heed?
  7. Obviously I'm as speshul as my mummy said I was!!!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I thought this was being touted as the new resi?..

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  9. I recall a recent-ish item that all the AESPs for CBRN equipment are now on an on-line repository. I'll try and PM you the details tomorrow.
  10. ...And has been in development hell for years. This thing's history makes the BOWMAN procurement look easy.
  11. if the russians come we'll all die anyway.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ahh...The new one looks like a chaeper version of the S-10!..

  13. Have you ever thought of wearing a facelet instead :D

    Seriously....I thought the FM12 was a civilianised S10, so would have assumed commonality of parts!

    Given as it's a "special measure" CBRN item, you might want to liaise with your stores/QM/who ever ordered the item for you, who might be better placed to find out the relevant info for parts etc....or speak to the geeks at Winterborne Gunner, as it was ordered for you through the system.

    In terms of maintenance I (personally) would clean it as per the instructions for the S10 in the interim, given that the FM12 is likely to be constructed from the same or similar material.

    Either that, or don't get slimed until you get issued the GSR.