FM returns to aviation

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by catalina, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. 8O FM is back and has allegedly told his potential employers that he is a fully qualified aac pilot! Allegedly has CPL IR rating..... Is this just another lie?
  2. WHo is FM?

    PM please
  3. oooooooooooooooooooo Can this turn in to another Flash trial. Guilty as charged BBC can start the fire :lol: :lol:
  4. FM as in N FM? WHAT A COCK!!! Why why why why did he get anywhere. Can we set up a site exposing him as a fraud?

    That would be very good. So he's out of jail now is he. Where is he applying for theis CPL IR job?

    Let me at him.....
  5. Southampton and yes NFM. Job fell through when they discovered criminal record. :roll:
  6. Glad to hear it. Can't have him bonging LFA 1A!

    Did you ever hear of DETOX? He was chopped after Shawbury and on the basis of his final report the Navy withdrew his commission. Ouch. Someone else that shouldn't really have got throught the net. What a waste of money and effort.
  7. Stu not sure if you are thinking of same person this FM was an army E3 officer.
  8. Yeah, I know NFM. The other guy was on my course. Same type of egg. Bad.