FM radio antenna .

Received Blue Tooth headphones for Xmas. But, still have to plug into 3.5mm jackplug to receive radio. So what is minimum length of cable to receive signal. No point in having wireless headset, if still encumbered with dangling wire.

Take an orange.


Several different options on amazon, I'd just chop an old 3.5 cable at a foot or two long and try that, keep trimming the length (while unplugged) until the reception degrades, then go back a bit..... :)

can't get eh damn link to work, so just search for 3-5mm-Retractable-Radio-Antenna-Mobile
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I've just tried a 6 inch mono patch cable and that worked via the FM radio on my phone.

A 4 inch cable works as well. I've finally found a use for it.
Just a minijack to 1/4 inch jack adapter works as well but not as well. The signal is a bit degraded. A mini jack to jack cable is less than a quid or 2 at most.

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