Flyye kit - good, bad or indifferent

Not looking to use this stuff on ops (too old!) but has anyone used their 3-day assault packs and if so, are they any good ?

I've seen some mag' pouches and they looked pretty high quality. Just wondering if looks are deceiving and if this Flyye's kit is up to some serious bashing.

It's low quality Airsoft rip off.
I'd rather use CQC!
Use the genuine stuff.
Trouble with CQC is they make it all in DPM and I'm looking for something in khaki or olive. And preferably not too squaddie-looking. I like the style of the 3-day assault packs and wondered if Flyye were value for money for hiking trips. Obviously London Bridge Trading are the kiddies when it comes to kit but they are too expensive for what I need a pack for and I don't want Karrimor, Berghaus or North Face stuff.

Edited to add: unless anyone out there has an LBT pack for sale ..... ?

Would Eagle or Blackhawk's assault packs be a better option then ?

But thanks for the warning about Flyye. I'm assuming you have used their kit or know someone who's been let down by it ?

dogs_bollox said:
Would Eagle or Blackhawk's assault packs be a better option then ?

But thanks for the warning about Flyye. I'm assuming you have used their kit or know someone who's been let down by it ?
I use the Bug-Out Gear "3 Day Pass" pack. Available in a tasteful selection of colours. And in ACU.
I have found the Bug-Out Gear to be crap - the coating on the cordura on the inside of the daysack starts to come off and you end up with bits of flaky plastic all over the contents. Also it ends up dropping all the load to the bottom so it is hardly ergonomic - and when fully loaded the weight is a long way from the back which is bad news.

Plus I don't like zips on daysacks - when they're gone they're gone!
Hm. Never handled the stuff. I know what you mean about zippers, very popular now though.

As long as it's a decent chord (9 or 10) they usually last ok.
Boris3098 said:
It's low quality Airsoft rip off.
I'd rather use CQC!
Use the genuine stuff.
Rubbish. Have you ever seen the gear? Just because it doesn't cost a bomb and isn't made in the good old US of A or UK for that matter doesn't mean it's not up to scratch.

I ship it out all the time to guys in theater and have never had a single return, or my retailers for that matter. I checked them out with Invista Europe (guys who make the real CORDURA, not the dodgy "Cordura") when I first started and they buy from their mills, Duraflex buckles, YKK zips, UV-Resistant coating on the webbing, and nylon bonded thread. Only issue in the early days was the mag pouches which were a bit short, but now they've got SA80 and M4 mags to work with their good to go.
Well, not all Flyye kit is cheap. Their FAST Pack is about £180. BUT I have had a look at one and the quality was very, very high indeed. Certainly better than current day Berghaus or Karrimor. Mil-spec materials, strong stitching and well thought out as they should be as they are basically copies of existing designs by the likes of TAD gear, LBT, Blackhawk and Eagle.

I returned the FAST pack as it was too fussy and complicated for my shimpel mind but I am getting one of their 3 day assault packs.

That's probably the Multicam version which are 50% more expensive than the other colours, the coyote brown ones which are proving popular at the moment should be about £120. Still a lot I know, but like I say I've never had any complaints. Coyote brown is being recommended as a less expensive alternative to MC, and once it's gets dirty/dusty it all starts to blend anyway.

In regards to the quality of the material used, if any company says it's using genuine Invista CORDURA and is a cut and sew company, then it will probably have the CORUDRA hangtags on all of their kit, if they've spent the money on the real stuff, why not. Also Invista are pretty hot about people using their name if it's not the real deal, and they'll check them out for you. I dealt with a Susannah Rayfield ( back in 2008 and she said that a large number of manufacturers are using polyester (same as what some suits are made of), then coating the inside with a waterproof glue to make it feel stiff, CORDURA isn't and because of that it’s lighter and more flexible. Also this glue will flake off over time leaving just the polyester material.
Well, over the years I've had several LBT, an Eagle and and a blackhawk pack as well a a few Berghaus and Karrimor. Flyye gets my vote as being as good as any of them. The MC one I looked at was definately cordura and the pattern was kosher to my eyes. It is true the coyote brown one looks better and can be worn as a civvy one when needed.

LBT, Eagle and Blackhawk are, as far as I am aware, still made in the States and so have much higher manufacturing costs. Flyye are made in China. That means cheaper labour BUT not necessarily shoddy workmanship. You can find cr@p but the Chinese are also very capable of making quality goods where there's money to be made.

Expect goods to start costing more as the Chinese workers now start to realise their worth and begin striking ........ I know that some Flyye kit is on a 2 month backorder due to 'a shortage of workers' .

FWIW, the FAST pack isn't that good a design but the 3 day pack (the AIII) is a well proven design.

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