Flying with sinusitis

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Snoreador, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Following a bout of rather horrible flu, I've found myself now with what I think is bacterial sinusitis (pressure feeling either side of my nose, and over my forehead, pressure in the ears, and yellow / brown mucus when I blow my nose. Nice.). No biggie, but I happen to currently be in Italy, and I'm meant to be flying home tomorrow.

    What I'm wondering is that is there any risk in perforating eardrums etc if I can't equalise the pressure? I'm not really bothered if it'll just hurt until it does equalise, but I'd really rather not break myself.
  2. I know the feeling, I get sinusitis quite often and I'm in a flying job. Daft as it may sound, simple Sinutab tablets will get you through the flight with minimum (if any) pain.

    The docs say you shouldn't fly with a cold or blocked sinuses but where that's perfectly sensible it's not always possible. I've only had one really painful flight with blocked sinuses (but didn't get a perforated eardrum), however since then Sinutab have helped enormously.
  3. Just finished a course of antibiotics for this but still have the blocked ears and pain even though the infection has cleared.

    My doctor recommended Ibuprofen and that has helped a lot.
  4. I think the nearest thing I can get here is Actifed, which also contains pseudoephedrine. I'll browse the pharmacies this afternoon to find some. Thanks!
  5. DO NOT take these if you have even mild hypertension!
  6. Thanks for the warning, but luckily my BP is just fine.
  7. Are Sinusitis the Bulgarian national airline? From what I remember, flight punctual, stewardesses sturdy and hairy and food awful. Hope this helps.
  8. Beconase nasal spray works for me.
  9. I've picked up a spray and tablets. The tablets are the 'old school' type and contain pseudoephedrine; this is no longer available in the UK / US as the cool kids were using it to make crystal meth. I can see why; I felt a little spaced out when I took one last night. Flying has never been so much fun...
  10. i'm having Rhinitis with me all the time, my doctor says its allergic and the medicines to this is addictive. so i better avoid medicines and take as much precautions as possible !!!
  11. pseudoephedrine, or any decent over the counter snoz spray should help
  12. Aye, that's what I dosed up with for the flight. Mildly trippy, but kept me clear enough to survive - ears made a lovely gurgling, whistling sound (with a bit of pain too, lovely) when I pinched my nose and blew for England.

    I'm on some hardcore anti-biotics, and they seem to be shifting it. Which is nice. Now I've just got to deal with the fact that the flu which led to this has left me pretty screwed, and I have my selection board coming up rather soon. From running about 5 miles a day easily, to struggling with 1.5 miles is rather worrying. Oh well, head down and crack on!