flying to Dusseldorf from Stansted...

Discussion in 'Travel' started by luke, May 21, 2007.

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  1. and my docs say a maximum of 32kg may be taken, including hand luggage

    but when you add up helmet, ressie, 3 sets of c95, both pairs of boots, iron, wash kit and everything else that makes life bearable and which I can't wait 5 weeks for at the other end, it comes to a bit more, how much am I likely to be charged for the extra weight, is it a certain amount per kg?
  2. You ask you admin office to sort it for you, they can either:

    Arrange for your baggage allowance to be up'd.
    Give you the paperwork to claim your money back should you get billed for being over weight.
  3. Cheers bud I'll get it sorted
  4. Firstly if you can fly from any other airport then do so, as Stansted is PARANOIA CITY. BAA and the airlines seem to be in some form of pissing match so that after you have booked in at the airline desk BAA then weigh and size your hand luggage, prior to going through security, quite ridiculous really.

    As for weight, if you are on a trooping flight then you get a larger weight limit (I can not remember how much). However if you are on a normal flight then it is 20kg all up. Air Berlin charge £5 for every kg over the limit, however I have found them to be quite lenient when it comes to weight. Easy Jet on the otherhand charges £10 per kg over the limit and are complete to**ers.
  5. Weigh and size, is there a limit on dimensions as well?!

    I'll be taking both the issue black holdalls as luggage, and the black issue daysack as hand luggage, is that gonna be acceptable?
  6. Make sure that it fits into the sizing receptacle as, as said above, the security guards at Stansted give no quarter.

    I would drive if I were you!
  7. My master plan of 'wait til I get to Germany and get a nicer cheaper car than I could in the UK' is starting to look stupid! :x

    As you have probably gathered, I have not flown since I was a kid so have no clue with regard to booking in etc., apart from 'get there two hours before the flight'

    I'm not bothered about a few extra quid (within reason) as long as they don't outright refuse to accept my luggage, as at that point I would be up shit creek...