Flying to BATUS

With BATUS on the horizon for me, i'm trying to find out some info with carrying PEAK Stoves.

Obviously, it needs to be emptied of fuel, but i need to know where you can get the DE-GASSED certificate for them.

i've checked JSP800 vol 4a (Sect 11), but there is quite a few grey areas.

if there are any Movements chaps out there, maybe you could point me in the right direction!!!
I didn't need a certificate on a civair flight a few years ago, but that was before all the current sillyness. The airline was content providing there was a minimal smell of fuel. I left it outside with cap off etc for about a week and that did the trick, although it isn't good for the seals to dry out for too long. I've no doubt somebody with the current regulations will post soon, failing that speak to the movers at your nearest formation headquaters.

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