Flying the Union Flag

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Blues_Cav, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. For those who find themselves on the road between Tidworth and Upavon on Salisbury plain you will drive by a restaurant called the Goa. They serve great food but on two occasions I have told them they are flying the Union Flag upside down. The second time I stopped the car and waited till they corrected the error. If you find yourself in the area or better yet happen to be passing in a Challenger and see they have got it wrong again please stop and make them change it.
  2. Surprised no lefty PC types have had them take it down anyway.
  3. how they must love you....I am sure they were only too please to dutifully correct the error, in an almost sepoy-like manner. While you were waiting, did any of the wallahs polish your boots? If not, I should complain.

    Be sure not to eat there again, there may be an unidentified liquid in your curry. Its called "saliva".
  4. If you're lucky it'll be saliva. I'd be on the lookout for 10cc of 'Winners Sauce'.
  5. Jais! Oi've seen Oirish flags flown wid da more intensive greens an' oranges flown at da bottom instead of the top!

    Grip dese faaderlesses, Blues_Cav! Tis da least you can do! :D :D :D

  6. I will not be eating there again I am posted soon. But will make their lives miserable if they do it again. They rely on the trade from the barracks so I doubt they will make the same mistake.
  7. I once saw the Regimental Flag being flown upside down at 21. It had the 21 in the top corner and a jimmy on it. Looked odd.
  8. The "Usual Suspects" went there for a meal last Christmas. There were cockroaches on the windowsill behind the table.

    Got a few free bottles of wine out of it though. Not been back since...........