Flying the Colours

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Unsworth, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Interesting comment on flags here:

    I wonder whether this MoD spokeswoman has any views on the Colours hanging in St George's Chapel, or Westminster Abbey, or any other local church and/or cathedral.

    Personally I've always felt that Colours should show signs of their history - including battle damage and the wear and tear of the theatre of operations.
  2. Aha! That explains it then.

    Hahaha. 8O :x

    I dont know, smart flags/colours etc is very important. But more important than the fact we're fighting with crap kit? No.
  3. Or imagine the reverse:

    "there was widespread anger today that the MOD refused to buy new flags, citing budgetary constraints. Former service personnel expressed outrage at the MODs refusal, believing that it displayed a lack of britishness, and that it was part of a plot to merge the armed forces into a wider European defence force".

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't...
  4. Having established that it included ensigns and signal flags for use at sea, I declined the opportunity to condemn this purchase.
  5. Agreed with jim30 here.
  6. This could be a good opportunity to have the Union Flag marked with the additional symbol:

  7. Bit of a non-story really.

    My own personal feeling are Colours from yore should be taken out of church eaves and preserved before they disintegrate. Anyone who has been in the chapel annexe at Warwick Cathedral will know what I mean.

    There are Colours in there marked with shot and shell , and almost certainly pre-dating 1801, from the unpleasantness in our American possessions and elsewhere.

    Get them down and preserve them, before we lose them forever.
  8. Its nothing to do with Colours.
  9. Yes it a little obtuse perhaps, but have we not just seen the Queen's Birthday Parade? Perhaps you could read my post again - I asked a specific question as to MoD's views of Colours. To a Regiment, which is more important do you think - the Union flag or the Regimental Colours?
  10. Obtuse? There is no question in your post.

    Colours is Colours whereas flags is flags. This non-story is about making sure that the Army's flags are in good nick, rather than having scrappy old rags hanging from tatty old poles outside out HQs. The MOD spokesman said:

    "This contract is for the replacement of flags in all the armed forces at all bases, including on ships, over the next four years. They do get worn out over time and they do need replacement. We do have an awful lot of flags and you don't want them to look tatty. It's bad for morale."

    As far as St George's Chapel or Westminster Abbey are concerned, you will of course enlighten me as to which British Regiments have their Colours laid up in there?

    I do not dispute that Colours are important, but that is not what this is about. As an aside Regimental Colours and Queen's Colours are replaced every 25 years on average, at Public Expense, except for Sandhurst and the Guards Battalions, who have theirs replaced much more frequently because they use them more. Colours get replaced because they get tatty!

    As far as preserving laid-up Colours in Cathedrals etc., I agree that there is a need for that. I understand that some Regiments have embarked on this sort of project in the past, usually by encasing them in glass rather than having them hanging. There is a Regimental Colour of a GH Battalion framed in the ITC Officers' Mess.

    Why the outrage?
  11. Damned if some prick in the MoD decides that a PR splash would be good for the MoD, you mean. This 'news' has been released with one specific purpose in mind, which is to demonstrate that the MoD is well and truly behind the Forces. Well, it is; a long way behind, but a long way ahead in PR worms. It isn't even news; it's a fishing line looking for bites.

    And where the fuck does he/she/it get off talking about "nice posh uniforms"? He/she/it is clearly more used to flicking through the Guardian's fashion pages than a G1198*.

    All in all, it's the sort of nonsense that New Labour has excelled at - lots of words without meaning, sincerity or value.

    *Not that I'd know a G1198 if it bit my leg.
  12. Another proof that the MoD, led by that half-lion and part-time wossock have no clue at all!

    The post before mine said it all:

    "All in all, it's the sort of nonsense that New Labour has excelled at - lots of words without meaning, sincerity or value".

    Thank you 'Whiskybreath'

    That excellently written phrase could apply to EVERYTHING upon EVERY SUBJECT EVER uttered by this awful gang of hollow, worthless, third rate spivs, since May 1997.
  13. Outrage? What outrage? :?