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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by FNUSNU, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Is it true that Army Aviators only get flying pay for the days they are acyually flying? I've heard this a few times before. I know RAF aircrew who still draw flying pay even though they havn't flow for approx. 9 years or so. WIll JPA have any bearing on this?
  2. No it isn't true.
  3. If they haven't flown for that length of time, where is the justification in them receiving the extra money? Isn't this unfair on those who do fly?

    You don't get PARA pay unless you qualify each year (or at least you didn't).
  4. I think that by "Army Aviators" FNUSNU meant rearcrew/door gunners. Until recently they did only get paid for days that they flew.

    I agree that if someone is voluntarily away from flying duties for a long period of time then they should lose flying pay. The keyword being VOLUNTARILY. There are many non flying posts which have to be filled by aircrew, if this meant automatic loss of flying pay then MCM would have a job and a half filling them. If this was forced on people then the exit would be a quick one.

    there is a system in place to progressively reduce flying pay for those that CHOOSE to remain in non-flying duties for many years, it eventually reduces to nothing.
  5. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Crab-Air system was [repeat was] that if you were still 'employable' on flying duties you got flying pay. As a result you could get a 54 year old, been doing Air Traffic or Ops jobs since they scrapped the Wellington, but was still 'technically' employable and therefore still given flying pay. I do think, however, that it stops eventually, since there are no known flying appointments for Air Marshals [with ONE 'L', please :wink: ].

    However - do you want your pay cut by a large slab just because there's no flying slot available for you at the moment?

    Anyway, Flying Pay for pilots is only a bribe to stop them joing Bristows or EasyJet - if we didn't pay them extra everyone would have to walk :lol:
  6. ,,,but being closely monitored,,,,,
  7. Agreed, but mainly being closely monitored by a whole bunch of Officers in non-flying jobs getting flying pay...hmmmmmm. I'm guessing not much will change in my last few months :)
  8. The correct answer is that Rearcrewmen/Air Door Gunners only get paid every time they fly(£4 odd a day only one level). Even though the currencies are now the same as front seaters apart from IF.This was to change April last year, then it was going to change when JPA was due in this year when the Army came on line...But as we all know that is now March next year.You can bet your bottom dollar that it will change to "they will get it when Future Lynx is in service". Then it will be paid in Euros !!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for that Ralf.
  10. Not so, If you fill the LSN of a crewman in an LUH/LBH sqn you get flying pay.

    The problem is if you work in said flight, but are not in an LSN. there are guys at 3 Regt not getting flying pay, and still unsure if it'll be agreed for Herrick.
  11. That is with reference to Rear crew not stick fiddlers.
  12. the remes who go in the back of a cab for flight tests get pay as you fly. i was surprised when i joined the navy on exchange to find that certain techs get full flying pay as they fill a flight maintainers billet, worked out ( please note the past tense) at about £100 a month or so extra. since the introduction of jpa to the senior service flying pay for maintainers has now gone the army way, pay as you fly. those in power seem to think that there will be no problem with taking a £100 a month from someones pocket and expect them to get in the back of an unserviceable helicopter when an officer who as been on board/sat at a desk for 3 years and has never sat in a helicopter seat, still gets his flying pay.

    a few guys i know have said as soon as they're out of date for flying drills then they are going to hand in their flying gear, can't wait to see the officers faces when the squadrons ac are sat on the deck with no flight maintainers to do the business.
  13. Are non-aircrew entitled to flying pay (rotary wing) when it's part of their regular job-spec?

    Well, if you don't ask.... ;)
  14. If they acting as a part of the crew, they are entitled. Such as Techs on air tests, and special people nudge, nudge, wink wink.
  15. 'Part' of the air crew? Passengers on drop-offs, sure, I can see that... but what if the passenger is performing their job whilst in the air?

    Can you elaborate? :D

    You know, it's taken me months to get even this far with the answer through the regular channels... :roll: