Flying pay

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by madmackem14, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Can someone out there in the big bad world of aviation, please explain why pilots who are in non flying posts, or pilots who aren't current, still receive the outlandish amounts of money there are paid for flying pay :?: :?
  2. What outlandish amounts are they then?
    You not getting the money either? :(
  3. Clearly to supplement their (even more outlandish) "please don't leave us as we have bought lots of shiny new helicopters and need somebody to stay and fly them" lump sum payments.
  4. I watched one of them(Pilot) trying to win the money on the weakest Link tonite, he came second.I forget his second name, but I served in 1 Regt in Hildenbanana with him. He also made some sexual induendo about having a big chopper. I think Anne Robinson to a shine to his big fat belly.So clearly, they are over paid.
  5. So all non aircrew are thin then are they you dikchead? The green eyed monster strikes again. You will be whine-ing about PES(A) next wondering why duvet counters dont get some kind of feather checking dosh. Get real muppett!!!
  6. I saw the Weakist Link tonight and the man was in fact a lard arse.
  7. Obviously because they are deemed to be a valuable asset to the Corps and worthy of maintaining the lifestyle to which they are accustomed! Basics really.

    I take it that you are happy though with the rates of pay for current aviators! :wink:

    My motto used to be, "There's only one to impress your pax while out on a 'jolly', just show them your pay statement!"
    Worked every time and Flight Safety was not compromised!

    Nowadays though, with overtime etc, my pax get the same (if not a little more!!!!), so it doesn't quite work!! :( :wink:
    But hey ho, who's happy in their work!!!!!!!! ME !!!!!!!

  8. The bloke "Chris" on The Weakest Link is a Qualified Helicopter Instructor, and USED to be in the Army. The man's got a right to be a porker, he aint a Squad anymore!

    Besides, I'd love to see you mad answering half the questions he did. Maybe that's why Pilots get the cash... Intellect. (As well as Panache, of course)
  9. A quote from the Weakest Link homepage;

    Perhaps 'Chris' was 'Mighty_doh_nut' :wink:

  10. You've really got it in for aircrew haven't you? First you have a pop about the FRI (in another forum), and now you're having a go at flying pay. That level of persistent sour grapes indicates that you either failed aircrew selection or a pilot shagged your girlfriend.

    However, I suspect that like most whingers on this topic, you never had the courage or initiative to try for aircrew in the first place, safe in the knowledge that it is much easier (although as you rightly observe, considerably less well paid) to bitch from the sidelines. Of course, I'm sure you wouldn't want to be a pilot if it was the last job in the Army. Who would, what with the £30M company car, the extra pay, extra rations, guaranteed rest on exercise and ops, and the fact that it's just plain and simple brilliant fun?

    To summarise, nobody is going to explain to you why aircrew get flying pay in non-flying appointments because it's none of your business. Call this typical aircrew arrogance if you like, but the fact is that people much higher up the food chain than aircrew (and with much less petty and bitter agendas than you) decide these matters so you're just going to have to live with it.

    Your turn.
  11. Your spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation are abysmal. Were you a clerk by any chance?
  12. So Fuc*ing what!. You lookin for a fight Fat boy.
  13. That has to be the emptiest of empty threats, not to mention another mangled, mis-spelt and poorly punctuated apology for a sentence. You were definitely a clerk.
  14. Nah, probably a civvie contracted cleaner who emptied the chief clerks bins, oitered around the mess of a lunch time and listened in awe at the fly-boy stories of old, wishing he could fly away on his dust pan and brush. Bless
  15. Flying pay is great - it enables a WO2 on enhanced rate to be paid more than the highest level non-aircrew Major, which can only be a good thing!!! 8)