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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Junglynx, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered discussed or is simply wrong, but followed a link on the RHQ, Pay and discipline thread on the 2006 pay spreadsheet from soldier magazine. (Now can't get it to work or copy - sorry)

    It seems to say that there is a new method of determining flying pay for officers, ie we start on the £12 odd rate as a basic. It also seems to be referred to as 'officer flying pay', which just increases with time. Seniors appear to stay on the old system. :roll:

    Am I taking a huge bite at a well crafted April fool? Or does this explain why there was loads of confusion over officers flying pay in 3/4 reg this time last year? After 6 months with neither the regiment clerks nor Glasgow knowing what was what I (and several others) had to repay several hundred pounds and go back to the £6 a day rate (which I insisted from the start was what I should be paid).

    Any advice/knowlege/wild speculation appreciated.

    Am posted away from regiment which isn't helping matters.

  2. The link still works, you just have to download the pdf file.

    Pay rates are the same for officers/sncos

    qualified a/c comd - initial 12.54 middle 21.27 top 33.81 enhanced 39.81

    Edited(twice) to add. Should of stated, according to the pay rates, officers automatically qualify for a/c comds pay, nco pilots dont. So the rates you see above are the rates you will get. That is until you reach Lt Col and it starts going down(slowly), a Brig gets 10.91.
  3. So you're saying that I (and quite a few others I know of) are owed back pay for the last year to the tune of £6 odd a day? We were all told we got basic rate after wings.

    No one in the pay chain I speak to seem to know anything about this at all.

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Another thing. Those people sat in long term non-flying jobs (voluntarily) are in for a wake up call.

    Under new JPA rules after 3 years in a non flying job flying pay will be cut to 75% for the 4th year, then 50% for the 5th year, 25% for the 6th year, then no flying pay.
  5. As far as i am aware these rules are from 01 Apr 06, I have just read the actual statement from the AFPRB (not soldier mag) and it states "Officer Aircrew (trained) initial rate 12.54"

    No mention whatsoever of Officer Aircrew (untrained) or Officer Aircrew (Non AC Comd). If you are a first tour pilot and you are not being paid £12.54 a day I would suggest you have a case, I am not a pay wallah though. Remember the AAC sometimes change the pay rules to suit the budget. I'm not sure how legal it is though.

    I will check the rates from AFPRB 05 and let you know.
  6. Many thanks floppy, I will direct the clerks to the AFPRB and see what they say.
  7. Cancel everything i've written...just read the small print!

    Wait out.
  8. Bad news I'm afraid, there is a get out clause. The officers rates only apply to RN/RAF. Army and RM Officers must qualify as A/C Comd before progressing to Officers rates.

    From AFPRB 05 and 06

    "However, pilots in the Army and RM who are not qualified as aircraft commanders do not receive the officers rate of flying pay."

    Sorry, and sorry to all looking in. (the new JPA ruling still stands though).
  9. Thanks for the help anyway.

    Small print, did the corps invent it?
  10. I have spent a lot of time over this one recently. One individual I know is owed £2500 due to middle rate A/C but he has been seen off by the small print.

    Look after your men first........

    Those were the days.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me but it is actually at the bottom of the pay table. Still, I do think it's an unfair system, especially as the training is tri-service these days. There has been many variations in my relatively short time with the AAC that could well be deemed unfair. One of them being the old system of paying "true-blue" pilots flying pay before completion of CTT and only paying non-AAC pilots when they arrive in unit. Another hot topic seems to be - when does your 1st tour end?, 4 years after wings, 4 years after ctt or 4 years after posting? It should be a simple equation, wings = flying pay, no wings = no flying pay. While I'm on the subject, why did all ranks qualify for Link Up when it was introduced but a caveat for AAC only to recieve FRI? Luckily it doesn't affect me anymore, my application for link-up was "lost" and I transferred 7 minutes too late for FRI.

    Hey Ho