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Flying Monkey on BBC news

I have just spent the day with BBC news reporter, Rob Hall at Vimy Ridge doing various contributions for Remembrance '90 to go on BBC News, BBC World and BBC 24. Rob Hall is a real WW1 enthusiast and I must say I felt quite honoured to have taken part in these broadcasts. A Beeb camera crew joined me on a recent tour and filmed a number of my passengers with their family stories. One family filmed was the Greeve family (3 Generations) Son, Grandson and Great-Grandson. their relative Lt Stuart Greeve of the 18th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers went on to get two Military Crosses in the Great War. After the war he transferred to the Indian Army and in WW2 got awarded two DSO's, eventually retiring as a Major General with Knighthood. I was forwarded a letter from him during WW1 service to his mum in which he stated that he was asleep in a hut behind the lines one night when the Germans started shelling them. A 5.9 inch "Dud" shell came crashing through his hut and buried itself under his camp cot ejecting him from the bed!...what a close shave!

Thanks for the link SBP,

The Greeves family who I mention in my above post are the family interviewed under "Hill 62 A Family Reflects". Hopefull in the next few days the reports from Vimy will be added to the map.



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