Flying instead of driving?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by wg100, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure I read somewhere once (probably before JPA came in) that there was an allowance that you could claim if you flew somewhere instead of driving?
    Am due to head up North for something soon, and it would be a hell of a lot quicker to fly than do battle with cars on the M1.

    Can anyone shed light on this? Or was I dreaming?!
  2. It's all travel warrants. You can claim back an allowance on car travel too, if you're on duty, and not in a military vehicle.
  3. A pointer to a JSP or similar would be helpful.
  4. Try JSP 752, I'm havbing a skim through it now, but it seems to relate to travel allowances etc.
  5. just had a read of the section regarding Air Travel, and I reckon it's a negatory on getting the flight paid for. Rail Warrants will be available from unit admin staff however. Good luck with the trip!
  6. Hmmm::
    This would seem to indicate that there is an allowance somewhere...
  7. Just found this in JSP 752:

  8. Ahh, didn't realise you would actually be piloting the plane, I assumed you'd be flying as a passenger. That extract from JSP 752 seems to look positive!
  9. I've done it - once, about 18 months ago!! Flew into RAF Halton for a meeting with 2POB. Argued it was a lot quicker in terms of transit time/ cost etc (had service rates for aircraft)..

    Easier if you go from a Service flying club as the wet rates/hr for the ac are generally reasonable and all service flying club ac will be compliant as far as insurance etc. You can find a Grob 109 charge out rates as low as £50/hr wet at some service gliding clubs.

    And its more fun!!
  10. Yup, flying from the Lyneham flying club up to Disforth for the weekend as have a meeting in Catterick on Saturday!
    1.5hr flight vs 6hr drive... bit of a no-brainer there, plus could do with the hours for my logbook!