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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by eggman, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. I purchased a KLR650 a couple of years ago which had been used by the flying gunners. I believe it was used in part of the pyramid display. The suspension had been modded to carry the evtra weight and it was missing all its plastic trim.
    I have rebuilt it and taken the bike to a number of military shows, as a standard KLR650 painted NATO green.

    Does anyone remember the bike, I think that Kawasaki sponsored the team with bikes during the 90's


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  2. Do you do a one-man pyramid then? There's a sporting chance of your being more entertaining than the originals.
  3. Read the whole piece, my friend, and not just bits of it. "I believe it was used in part of the pyramid display".
    Being an ex-member of the Team, 1970-76, if it had a "Rigid Rear-end" then it would probably have been the center bike in the Pyramid and quite possibly used for the "11 on 1".
  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yep, nothing to do with the display, it was beefed up because the team spent their down time from being motorcycle ballerinas in greggs.

    The fat, dull as fcuk, sh1t on a bike, unentertaining waste of rations. I've been more impressed by searching 'watching floor boards warp' on youtube.
  5. Somehow I had this preconcieved idea that this site was for those people of a friendly disposition who liked to chat about their previous experiences in the British Army and to exchange ideas about enjoying themselves during the remainder of their life here on God's earth.

    Instead, what do we get? A foul-mouthed individual, who to all appearances, looks like a fully-paid-up, card carrying member of "The United Chutney Ferrets Association", with nothing better to do than to abuse those of us with a considerably higher intellect.

    Oh! And he finds a great deal of enjoyment from "watching floorboards warp"? What does that tell you about her/him/it?
  6. Are you talking about stacking shit quite high or the team nailing your wife?

    On a less vomit-inducing subject, P_G is a critter of the highest order. He's quite happy to have his date plated whilst gargling on coffee tinted glans but he's tighter than my daughter's **** in repaying the favour.

    As I've got insufferable insomnia can you tell me some stories from your 6 years on the team please? Thanks in advance you workshy twat.
  7. Well, if I had the faintest clue what you were talking about, I'd stand corrected. Were they hog-whimperingly dull in the 70's too?

    The most entertaining part of their display was the OC hand-brake sliding the team 4x4 into a display tower and toppling it. Which he never did again.
  8. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Someone with a higher intellect wouldn't be floating round third rate arenas jumping over MFO boxes on motor bikes would they?

    You must admit though, you / they were utterly crap. My mum and her disabled pals from the Towns womens guild could put on a better display on their grifters.

    The only way you could make the flying gunners entertaining would be if they drove, at speed into a skip full of rubble.
  9. ...well, I liked them.....then again I was always easily impressed......
  10. Which army were you in? This site exists to extend and perpetuate the army's inimitable sytle of piss-taking, ego-busting and merciless banter onto the internet.

    Actually, in Arrse terms, your bad. You see, MDN, sorry, PG just levelled abuse at the whole team - a generic abstract. You got personal too early and escalated the whole thing. Also, you weren't funny enough with the whole UCFA thing.

    Also - prove you have a higher intellect, seeing as how you seem to be so proud of it.

    Well, I'm with him on that one. Here's one of my warped floorboard favourites: YouTube - the natural wood floor co warped oak flooring. I couldn't be arrsed to dig out one of the Flying Gunners because they were toss.
  11. My earlier efforts at a witty response have been pulled. They were simply not up to the standards of my colleagues.
  12. Do you mean that you were the Toastmaster? 'Cos he's poked off in a huff.
  13. Good grief, no. Admit to having been one of the Purple Helmets? Never.

    He's probably wandered-off to reconsider his idea of what Arrse is all about. In the light of your response, I doubt he'll return any time soon.
  14. You'd be amazed at how transient the guilt was.