flying Gunners to DISBAND 2009

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cloud_puncher, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. 8O :roll::x It is a very sad day when theArmy choose to Disband the Flying Gnrs & keep the White Helmets instead (Royal Signals).

    Is it Because the man at the top of this mad idea is from the Sigs

    The Gnrs have been doing displays to the Public for 60 yrs, they are the 1st choice for public shows and military ACE's.

    Why well they ride Modern bikes and wear modern gear that represents the yoof of Today. Oh yes the Army doesnt pay for these it comes from funds the Gnrs make at shows. They dont stay in Hotels .. they sleep in tents next to there Lorry

    When was the last time you ever saw a 16 yr old on a Old British bike wearing number 1's..
    They ride in Displays to over 3 Million public also its Good for retention as the majority of the Team have signed of after there tour 9 times out of 10 there back with there Regt ready to Fight again. If you think this is wrong then do what you think is right get them letters flowing ..
  2. There have been many attempts to get rid of them over the years.

    My bold. If this bit is true, things have certainly changed since I was with the RADT! (just under 3 years) There was always a couple of bods living on-site whilst the rest were in either B&B or a hotel. This was rotated each new location.

    I doubt anyone would volunteer for this posting, if they were told they would be living in tents for 6 months of the year for 2 years. :roll:
  3. Unfortunately the rumour is true there are plans to disband the Flying Gunners and there are a hell of a lot of reasons why this should not happen, Firstly the FG cost more than half a million pounds a year LESS than the WH to run plus the WH take money from th public purse to bolster their income the FG DO NOT, next the FG run Intro to MotoX courses which have proved to be a fantastic success (tell me where you could ride for a week in civi street for £100 and get a helmet out of it) the WH have not got the capability or equip to run such courses. The FG are the FIRST port of call for the ACE's and if they cant make it then the WH get the call also the FG took on recruiting last year properly for the first time and the RA went from 3rd bottom (the usual place) to top 137% recruited and that was pre-credit crunch now you cant tell me that had nothing to do with the FG and if you do you are extremely short sighted. Next the FG is probably the best retention tool the RA has turning soldiers round who did not want to continue with their army career back into motivated individuals who realise the army is for them after all i can think of at least 3 in the last 6 months. The FG are best practice and have their TO's, riders logs, risk assesments in order so much so that the WH who had who had NOTHING got all their paperwork from the FG and just put their emblem on the top (no need to make changes when its air tight) and believe it or not they got it LAST YEAR the FG has had all this in place for years. The FG have been booked already for 2010 7 times i guarrantee the WH have not. The FG are booked because their show is exciting and appeals to people of ALL ages and i hate to say it but the WH appeal if you are pushing pensionable age. The biggest problem is that it has never been a 2 horse race because it has always been that the FG will go and the reason for that is that the WH could not hold a light to the FG in all aspects whether it be cost, recruiting, retention, appeal and best practice, oh and if you have any query over what i am writing call any of the CRR's and ask them why they want the Flying Gunners im sure they will back what i say especially as Catterick wrote to rebook the FG with in 12 days of their last performance. The phrase"no brainer" springs to mind. It would be a massive mistake to get rid of the FG they fly the flag for the RA and the Army like no other display team they should be applauded and supported rather than being under threat LOSE THEM AND LOSE OUT

    I cannot believe what i a have read.....

    This cannot be true??? WHY WHY WHY???

    They are outstanding you can clearly see their dedication and enthusiasim they have to be the most professional guys (and girls) on the show scene! They have a fresh and fashionable approach, all young guys are interested in this stuff, what better way to keep the Army in the public eye and entice young men and women into the Army, or at least set that spark of interest, they show that the army is up to date, has that edge and genuinely has young people interst at hearts on joining!
    The commentary tells you that these guys are first & foremost solidiers and could be deployed or involved in military manouvers! To us Joe public this is unreal!
    SACK the team that fall down and show up the Army in their crusty old uniforms and dodgey unsafe bikes, are any of them REAL soldiers if so the Signals should be embarrassd, they have more airtime time on youve been framed than i have seen in any showground!!!

    Someone let me know when the right thing has been done!!
  5. I would like to comment on the proposed disbandment of The Flying Gunners team. Let me start by saying that I am a proud mother whose son has recently joined the Army having never had a member of our family in the forces. It was through the efforts of the Flying gunners that my son joined the Army (and the Royal Artillery) after seeing one of your shows and talking to several members of your team. I was thouroughly impressed by the high standards, knowledge, professionalism and friendliness of your team which most certainly had a profound effect on my sons choice of career. He has even mentioned that he intends to join the team after having completed a tour or two! How can it be that in this day and age the Army cannot keep such a fantastic puplic relations tool especially at a time when we need soldiers the most? My family, friends and I would be disapointed if such a great team were never to be seen again. We support our troops fully and would love to see you again next year and maybe even my son in a few years time. Please, please don't let such a good thing go to waste!
  6. 8O Thank-you for the comment but were not talking about 2 Inf Battalions ( That both work there Arse off and have great Soldiers Serving).

    What were Talkin about is Chalk and Cheese pal .

    White helmets ( as you stated ride old bikes but copys built in 2000)
    Not really in touch with the yoof. are they ( unless granpa is takin em out)

    FLYING GUNNERS well thats enough said ( Modern Bikes/ Kit) Eeew Err all the show's want them Military ACE etc ??? why do you think that is ???? :roll:

    Maybe because the there more Spectacular. Everyone lurvs Cilla the Gorrila

    i fink the YOOF can relate too that. :wink: Lurv ya keep Riding ( theres a transfere Fair coming up soon Get ya self down there)

    If ya dont fall off ya aint tryin hard Enough :evil:
  7. As a PROUD GUNNER WIFE.... :wave: ....


    For you my little Scaley monkey, some below these instead!

    You mentioned a certain....MAJ GEN? Oh really, please note In three hours there will be a GUNNER at the very top....

    As THE TOP BLOKE- I am sure he will be very interested in this post and the future image of the Army. :wink:

    Is wearing No1's and riding bikes similar to those used in WW2 in keeping with the youth of today? :sleepy:

    On that note EX Scaley - do me a favour and beat it! :censored:
  8. :D Thanks for the support. Do I know you.??? 8)
  9. In reply, i state its never been a 2 horse race because it never was, the letter came out stating that the FG will go WITHOUT any comparisons, the FG are fighting to survive and not up against the WH for who will stay which is clearly WRONG if one team has to go it should be done fairly and based on all areas not someone on high making a decision based on............well on what? Because it isnt based on who and what is best all round but infact the 2 shows are so different there is no reason that both cant continue. Denying the WH bikes are old at 9 years old was a bit daft that is old, the FG's oldest motorcycle is 2006 which are course bikes and the show bikes are replaced bi-annually and currently they are on 2009 bikes and that is without any public funds all moneys are generated by show income and running courses. Also if the WH are so well kitted out why were the FG asked to lend them motorcycles recently? And we wont mention who bought the old Kawasaki bikes a few years ago when the FG changed to Yamaha. We dont want this to become a FG - WH slanging match but if you are going to make statements which are clearly with out substance then that is unfortunately how this is going to go.
  10. I can not believe no-one is responding regarding to this post ...SPINELESS… :threaten: .has someone forgotten that these are the ROYAL ARTILLERY men and women responsible for Your GUNNER image and Your recent success in the recruiting world?

    Obviously, the powers that be are looking UP and not Down or that’s what appears to have happened this time round. :x :x :x

    When was the last time any REAL SUPPORT was seen by THE TEAM at their DISPLAYS? Especially by those who have been rewarded for achieving our current manning levels? I know first hand having seen the TEAM recently on the road. This is one of the tools YOU the GUNNERS have used to get to 100%- lets look after it! Why are YOU now letting it go? :?

    Perhaps, someone has forgotten we should be re-enforcing success and not failure- WELL THATS WHAT MY HUSBAND SAYS!! :hump:

    Question: Why are the White Helmets being selected over the Flying Gunners? So what if they have been around for 80 years it doesn’t mean they are fit for purpose right now.

    It’s a crying shame that THE GUNNERS are just rolling over :shakefist: and allowing this to happen. These appear to be bloody good people, who are great at what they do, but clearly they are not being backed by the Gunner Chain of Command as best as they could be!

    It would be nice for those who REALLY CARED to see the TEAM in action, to SUPPORT THEM and to see the response given to them from a crowd at a venue. You too will be impressed and feel proud to be a Gunner. (or THE WIFE OF A GUNNER).

    I would like to debate if anyone has the balls too? No spin or BullSh+T please, it bores me... :sleepy:
  11. I hope not! MY HUSBAND WOULD BATTER YOU.. :bball: .
  12. Good idea:
    Stoneliegh 29,30,31 Aug
    HMS Drake 5,6 Sept
    Bulford 12 Sept
    I'm sure the team would love to see you all
  13. I have had to post to this site after seeing the "Flying Gunners" this year at the Cotswold Show, the show the guys and girls put on was great, the highlight of the days events in many peoples opinions. I have worked for a number of years in Marketing and Recruitment and was saddened to hear that the team may be folded. Recruitment and marketing are the core areas for any business and I believe the army should be no different. You need to attract future soliders and this team are capable of doing that, they are professional and portray the British Army in a good light. The show is current, my son came away wanting to ride motor bikes and join the army and he is only 10!! if it is true the army are considering disbanding this team they are making a big mistake this team is offering so much more than a few laughs and tricks, it offers a good military image, current and up to date display, lets hope the bosses change their minds
  14. I really cant beleave what im looking the hell could the forces to be decide to axe the most impressive display that i have seen?

    I have been going to shows for a fair few years now with my family and i am shocked to here this sad sad news.

    My family and i have seen both displays and my son(aged 15) was besotted by The Flying Gunners show and said to me(dad thats what i want to do) so we went over and chatted to the lads and ladys of the team,i was so impressed by the profesionalism of the team that i would have been proud to say my son wanted to be apart of that.

    As my son is into motocross he was very interested in what The Flying Gunners had to offer in that aspect,and i think he got what he was looking for, The flying gunners have the only certified acu motocross coach in the entire british army, so from there u can see the standard of riders they have.

    In respect to this,we have also seen the White Helmets and well theres not much i can say, apart from the show had no impact on my son or me or infact from what i seen not many people in the crowd, There was nothing modern about it and if the army wants to promote a(MODERN) army,then there very much going in the wrong direction.
  15. Strange how all the 'broken hearted' on here only joined today. What's this - a team meeting? Bye bye lads.