Flying Grading

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Gringo, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. I would appreciate it, if anyone could give me any info on the Flying Grading that takes place at Middle Wallop. So far all I know is that throughout the 3 to 4 weeks there, you spend 13 hours flying a Firefly aircraft. So any other details from people that have been through it would be great! I am due to attend this course later this year before I join up early next year.
  2. Check your pm's my young Droog!
  3. Thanks Commander
  4. Gringo

    You are basically correct. 13 hours on a firefly 160 at the home of aviation excellence (sic) in a three week period. However what you should know is the if you do not achieve the required 13 hours in that time frame, due to poor weather etc, you will be assessed on what you have flown. Even if it is only 5 hours (it has been known)!

    They are looking for steady progress, no one is a natural aviator. Learn the airborne checks first, the ones on the ground you can practice in the hangar if necessary. Listen to what you are told, ask if you don't understand, and reproduce any flying exercise that they ask of you how it was demonstrated, not how you think it should be done.

    Everyone is under pressure to perform, don't wory about it, your course mates will be as nervous as you.

    Finally advice:

    If you are serving already, go and ask for an adventure training gliding course. It is free flying instruction (well nearly).
    If you are not serving, go and pay for a gliding course, it's cheaper. It doesn't matter if you don't solo in the glider, the controls and actions are similar (obviously without the engine).
    Never admit prior experience, they will expect more of you, even if they say they don't.

    Good luck.

  5. i too will be doing flying grading very shortly. any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. all those with tips please PM me.


  6. This is the only bit I don't agree with. The reason being is that your instructors are not stupid. The Air Corps have their pick of the bunch and you do not want your integrity being doubted at this stage of training.

    Flying grading is primarily about how you deal with new things and how quickly you can learn. I would suggest that you DO say if you have had previous flying but under no circumstances exaggerate what you have done ie: flown 1 hour in a balloon but claiming membership of the Yaks Flying display team.

    Grading is just one small hurdle in a very long race (with lots of bigger hurdles) and honesty/integrity will help you through it.

    The very best of luck
  7. Agree with floppyjocky. You will be found out very quickly and Instructors won't thank you for thinking they would be too dense to notice. Instructors are their to make the best of you whatever prior experience you have so help them help you and you should have no problems. Best of luck.
  8. couldnt agree more. somebody on my grading pretended to have zero experience, but actually had extensive experience in powered gliders. the instructors knew as soon as they flew with him that he was not new to the flying game, despite his protestations to the contrary. he was confronted at the final grading interview and confessed. passed flying grading (with the highest score) but then had a massive integrity question mark over his head... lying about previous experience is a very short-sighted and unnecessary approach. be totally honest and upfront.