Flying grading interview?

Hi all,

Soon to be attending flying grading so have scrutinised the forum for int on what to expect etc. Couple of questions i cant find answers to, and was woigondering if anyone could shed some light please.

1. The interview, what to expect here? am i going to get grilled on my service history and knowledge of AAC? or is it simply a pass/fail interview at the end of grading?

2. Is there another medical? or is the OASC medical sufficient for flying grading?

Thanks for any replies.
1. on mine it was service history, life outside of the army, bits on future as a pilot and pay/promotion/RTS questions (no questions on my knowledge of AAC as i'm badged)

2. Depending on when OASC was normally no (think it lasts a year) but did do a couple of minor tests (another eye test and blowing test, blood pressure)

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