Flying A Gurkha Flag Is Banned. Comments please folks

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Heavy-ferry, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Friday, February 15, 2008

    Source: The Sun Online

    A FORMER Gurkha has been banned from flying his regimental flag above his restaurant – but told he CAN hoist the EU emblem.

    Asbahadur Gurung, 70, served 28 years with the British Army and wanted to display his former colours above his eatery called The Gurkha.

    Killjoy councillors ruled the green and white insignia was a form of ADVERTISING and could distract drivers – yet said he was free to run up the flag of any other nation or the European Union.

    Asbahadur, a captain whose dad Mambahadur fought with the Gurkhas in World War Two, is outraged by the ruling.

    He said: “I don’t understand.

    "I thought people would appreciate the flag. I don’t want the EU’s. I didn’t fight for the EU.”

    Asbahadur opened his diner in Wareham, Dorset, last year and sought permission from Purbeck District Council to fly the Gurkha flag and a Union Jack on two 15ft poles.

    He received no objections from neighbouring residents but his application was refused.

    Principal planning officer Alan Davies confirmed the decision, saying: “ There is already a plethora of advertising signs on the site.”
  2. Shameful... but not unexpected. Fly a Cross of St Gerge instead lads.. that'll p*ss the leftie b*stards off far more than a Ghurka Flag.

    This is the thanks you get for your loyal service to the crown.
  3. Another round of applause for stupidity!!!!

    If it was a religious flag would there have been a different outcome?

    Sorry I'm being cynical again
  4. And there's also a plethora of twisted thinking jobsworths who aren't worth the oxygen they steal :evil:

    Alan Davies (Principal Planning Officer) : 01929 557261

    A flag is not advertising
  5. From the TELEGRAPH - "But Purbeck council viewed the Gurkha flag as a form of advertising and refused permission for it to be displayed. They also thought it could distract passing motorists."

    I presume that there are rules around this. If so , not a story.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    A ghurka flag banned for flying above a ghurka restaurant, because of "advertising".

    An exercise in pedantry. Alan Davies, you are a complete turd.
  7. So the EU flag wouldn't distract motorists then?

    National pride is now advertising?
  8. Alan Davies - A complete tool.

    Also, Alan Davies - A complete tool -
  9. Baaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :twisted:

    Rules? Rules are there to serve us and can only be trusted and unchallenged in a fair and reasonable system.

    When 'rules' become the master rather than the servant then we become in danger of sleepwalking to our own destruction.
    Why would a Ghurka Flag and a Union Flag be distracting but an EU one not be? It wouldn't be. The ruling is therefore wrong and must be challenged!
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    If everyone posts links to this in as many places as they can, then the ghurka in question can then sue the council for breaching their own rules by providing him with too much advertising, surely?
  11. I am in danger of sounding like a Guardianista but, just because he served in the British Army you seem to think that he should be able to fly whatever flag he wants. The reasoning at the moment is that 1) this is the UK; and 2) our government agreed to fly the crappy UK flag.

    The regimental flag remains in this context an advert( cause he is retired), otherwise, you are inviting a golden arches, a Greggs Pie or the Colonel's face (or God forbid Branson) on every corner. If that (and a Bangladeshi/Greek/Turkish or whatever flag) is what you want, then crack on but leave me out.
  12. Yes I think any Nepalese who serves Britain for 28 years should be able to fly his regimental flag on his own property.
    I do object though to the poxy EU flag being flown in this country...ever!! :evil:

    A regimental flag is simply a regimental remember them...regiments...those things to be proud of and die for...before this government started axing and amalagamating them.
    It's not an advert or an invitation for any of the sorts of things you suggest.

    So no regimental flags on private property, no regimental badges on car number plates yet promoting the symbol of the unwanted sell out to the EU is ok?

    Wise up :evil:
  13. Actiontoday - 1. Not liking it won't change it.
    2. Commercial property, governed by rules to protect the environment and the local community; otherwise there would be anarchy.
    3. When the RSM told you not to wear your Lowas you told him to poke it?
    4. When I fly my big Pizza Hut flag above my commercial property without consent it is as the same as flying my (old) regimental flag?

    May I suggest - Grow up :D
  14. Noted-duly outraged!

    Perhaps the Council Official concerned could be persuaded to expound on his decision that flag flying is advertising? How does that effect the flying of EU flags at hotels etc?
  15. if the rule was no flags
    but national flags ok.
    regimental flag not does not make any sense
    how about a pirate flag :twisted: