Flying 12 civvies from Stoke to Exeter (and back)

Any suggestions on airfields, operators, not getting stitched, am I pissing in the wind etc....

They don't have to go in one lift.
Whats your budget?
How quickly do they need to be there?
Who are they? (Not names, just what sort of people are they and what is the purpose of thier trip).


Consider facilities.

Exeter is basically a couple of portacabins joined together, poor but not
Bournemouth. :cry:

NEVER go there!!!


I am now iluckily, in a position where I am able to charter flights and, I consider "SMART" planning.
However, I place more weight on destinations and facilities therof.
Just 12 blokes going on a fishing weekend. It's something of a party. Car, train and minibus are all being considered. It's about four hours by any method. Flying cropped up but sadly my old mucker who knew everything there was to know about aviation had the cheek to die three years ago so I was at a bit of a loss.

A six seater doing two trips struck me as possible. Anything bigger looks as though it would start getting VERY expensive. It just needs to be transport - not a corporate do or anything like that. Of course sharing the fuel with a GA type who wants to build his hours would be kind of possible but rather difficult to actually make happen.

Final destination would be Teignmouth but I don't think there's a field nearer than Exeter Airport.

First class train tickets are £278 return, although I'd expect some discount for a block booking. Standard class tickets are £90 but the seating is truly crap - ok if there's two of you, not very sociable for a group sitting tight for 4 1/2 hours.

Even in a cramped GA plane the novelty would probably overcome the discomfort and I would expect the travel time to be a lot less. It's about 150NM so I would think 1 1/2 - 2 hours?

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