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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by CONNEACH, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Just seen a formation of a Beaver, Sioux and Gazelle go over Andover at 1750. Any ideas what is on today???
  2. Isn't it Biggin Hill airshow this weekend, Con?
  3. Dont know CB. It was strange seeing all three types fly past, types that I have actually flown (minus the Queen of the skies, The mighty SCOUT). Dont we have one in the historical aircraft flight??
  4. Yes it is the Biggin Hill airshow today and tomorrow, i've seen and heard a few fast jets come over my house. At least the BBMF should be able to make a show, I was as Southend airshow last Monday and was peeved when it had to scratch due to inclement weather. Biggin usually somehow arranges scorching weather though! 8)
  5. Think they're scratching around for 'frames to pick up slack when the Supa Twin goes time-ex.
  6. Note the absence of a serviceable lynx !!!!!!!!
  7. Don't be cynical Moogee, 4 Regt managed to muster a couple of dozen unservicable Lynx for Granby

    I think the fly past was a tribute to the size of my genitalia
  9. I could say I saw some cnut too, but Flash doesn't drive for the Historic Flight since they found him rubbing trike into his bits whislt impaled on the cyclic of the Sioux
  10. AAC memorial fly by assisted by sideways walking airlines....

  11. Saw them pass over as well. North on the A34 near Chilton. Beaver, Sioux and Scout (not a Gazelle). I think they did a flypast at the GPR Memorial at AERE Harwell. They hold it there every year for the D-Day Gliders that left there when it was an old wartime airfield.
  12. IGLA..................The formation I saw definately contained a Beaver, Sioux and Gazelle (unless they have redesigned the Scout tail rotor).
  13. Oh dear.... are CONNEACH's recognition skills and eyesight fading in old age :D :D :D