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Fly Fishing

I am aware that the shooting of fish is some what frowned upon :nemo: :scratch: but I know a fair few lads who shoot and fish, I also enjoy shooting and fishing. These activities do seem to go hand in hand so I thought that I may be able to glean some info from this forum. Is there an Arrse forum that deals with piscatorial interests?? :? If I am totaly off track I shall remove this question forthwith but if anyone does know of any game fishing hot spots in the Larkhill area I would be glad to know. Cheers :fish:
Salisbury and District Angling Club; I regret to say I am an ex member and only fish when I am "over the water", the crunch came some years back when I presented myself to casualty to have a fly removed from my ear lobe. :oops:

"What is it" the sister asked, "a blue winged olive" I replied, Oh she said, "has that season started already"? :roll:

You can join the said club through "Eadies", sports and fishing tackle in Catherine Street Salisbury.
commzmeanzbombz said:
Looking forward to the season in April, does any one Fly Fish down in Larkhill?
Been out of the Mob for a while but whilst in South East District i was a member of the Barton Stacey Flyfishing Club who had one bank of the River Test and a bank of the River Dever.The camp 42 Survey Engr Regt at Barton Stacey used to be just above the Test now demolished but still a training area . The opposite bank was £60 per day when we were paying £40 per season .I used to get membership from what was called a SEDO South East district order and you applied for membership they were particulary keen to get other ranks iinto the club.
The fishing is fantastic wild and stocked browns and grayling limit was two per day and unlimited grayling.
A call to South East Disrtict should be able to tell you if it still exists which i am sure it does.What i can tell you if you are fortunate to be able to acheive membership you will not regret it the fishing is out of this world.Dry fly and upstream nymph after August. Mayfly fortnight is truly duffers fortnight PM me if you require further info i am still in touch with the old retired Keeper. Tight lines
Although I've never fished it, I'm certain the Army have several miles of fly fishing on the Avon. Not sure how you book or get involved but I'm sure someone will know.
Outcast said:
The River Avon is good but expensive, been a while since I fished down that way.


If you like catching over fed monsters try dever springs at andover


If you fancy some good carp fishing down that way when out of the trout season, try here. Spicy chicken boilies work great on a hair rig.

Dont know if you are aware but the military owns the fishing rights of the River Dever just behind Dever springs lFrom the road bridge left hand bank downstream for about a mile .Cracking Brown trout and grayling and of course some escapees from the Dever springs fishery.
yes i mean redds,, nothing of it on the 1st serious big water on it at the min and its gonna get worse reports of 1 fish lost??? prob a kelt tho prob not a bad thing as any spring fish running it will get thru

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