Fly fishing, switch rods hot or not?

Or a new piece of kit for a Tackle Tart.......Trout Woofter!
A 11ft rod rated 5 weight wouldn't be my first choice, to light for sea trout or wild trout, but at 11ft a good size for boat fly fishing.


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I think that I would pass on the 11 ft 5 wt. My current kit covers the appropriate bases and I see this as an expensive bit of fluff. But then again, I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to kit.
I've ordered one up.(yep a full on kit monster)

Thinking of it for off rock fishing when I'm targeting pollack (micro ******* pollack) on an evening. Which is mainly roll casting due to the background being about 30 foot of sea wall.

I normally fish mega light for them (down to a 0 weight on one occasion) but definitely could do with the extra distance

will report back when I get back to the green and pleasant land and open my special parcels to myself
got my self airflow switch 11ft 7wt last season and i have to say rods impressive particularly at the price matched with Royal Wulff Ambush 7wt on the down side i found with not being able to remove the butt its not suited to prolonged use as a single hander
Only fishing chalk stream I have a Superfine touch in 4wt which is full flex and a lovely rod. Once in a blue moon I have to cast further than 30' and so have an Orvis streamline and some heavier WF line in reserve.

As for all this shooting head and cassette nonsense, can't see the point.

I do have rather a lot of flies though...
dont like shooting heads fer lighweight dry fly/nympt fishing surley a double taper would give you better turnover not that ive ever fished the chalk streams

i use a 4wt sage launch fer summer dry fly fishing when the gits are on the cannis
dont like shooting heads fer lighweight dry fly/nympt fishing surley a double taper would give you better turnover not that ive ever fished the chalk streams
I get better presentation on a WF, with a short leader for nymphing and a longer one for dry fly. most casts are 20' - 30' and that's not enough for a DT line. Also, I don't think I'm good enough to cast with a DT line!

I never bother with droppers - a bit non-u for chalk stream.
From memory, orvis or hardy's 12 tapered nylon, always nail knotted. I find 15' unmanageable and tend to find the fly is more controllable when i'm at about 9' (begging the question why i dont buy 9' in the first place.I might tippet with Flourocarbon on a short leader for nymphing, but find it so brittle - the flow on a chalk stream and sinkant tends to be enough to get the fly below the surface.

I'm not averse to just making my own leaders, just stepping down from a thicker monofilament to the tippet after about 5'.
stopped using flourocarbon as you say far to brittle reverted back to the old maxamia 4lb for dry fly and 14/12 for the salmon and i cant see any diffence in catch figures now froghair isnt to bad with smaller flys
no better spot that a dry rubber legs daddies sept oct time seen fish coming 2 ft out of the water for it which mostly results in getting broke lol
seen a video last year of 2 stonker salmon on spinner of the avon ,,and to think i used to date a burd in wilton and never even crossed my mind to wet a line ,,woman eh lol
I've part of a small syndicate that owns 9 miles of the better water on the Tamar. Fish up to 28lb over the last couple of years, although this season was difficult.

Maybe an Arrse fishing day next season. Small charge, proceeds to Hols4Heroes. Thoughts?

It's fly only.

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