Fluffy Sundays and Radio Therapy

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Tremaine, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Forthe old n bold; Something's come over me, it's not man mustard, not even feeling generous for a change (**** that) ...whilst poking the laptop keys and surfing t'internet today there's been Radio 2 in the background all afternoon. I'm fcuking relaxed, I've even farking smiled at the juvenile troll offspring and bought some Maltesers, in a fit of madness totally out of character. Am I a radio anorak listening to Johnny Walker, Alan Titchmarsh, David Jacobs and Sunday half Hour, all without realising it's hardly heard outside of a feckin Church? ? I reckon I've gone churchwarden, or soft, barmy or just OLD .

    Not long ago, it was Guns n Roses, Hendrix ,and stressed out to fcuk. Will I go pink and wrinkly soon? and start wearing gren V necked sweaters, trousers pulled up to my neck? And will I get MI?
  2. Don't worry. I listen to Radio 2 because they play AC/DC from time to time. Good stuff, like the live version of Whole Lotta' Rosie. Yet I've never heard Cheryl Cole, Jedward or the Goombay Dance Band gracing R2's airwaves.
  3. I heard Tony Blackburn's back soon with Pick of the Pops. BBC - Press Office - Tony Blackburn joins Radio 2 for Pick Of The Pops

    You know, I really think all those chill out CD's and "whales noises" might be knocked in to a cocked hat by Radio 2 on a Sunday night. There I go again, third age syndrome...I'm as relaxed as a flaccid willy on the chest of an ample breasted maiden who's just received my DNA through the porthole :)