FLUFFY BUNNY THREAD (no bastard swearing)

It has come to light over previous nights that some of our members would prefer a forum where there is no naughtiness and no rudeness

Fell free to discuss, knitting, shopping, supermarkets, bunny rabbits and all sorts of nice stuff

ORG is the Mod and he will ensure there is no bad f u cki ng language or coarse cunting behaviour

He is known for his hatred of all things puerile and is an ambassador to all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small
Ok, this must be the place............

Can I show you my Twinky??

He's a gorgeous Maine Coon.........and yep, he is called Twinky!
ermmm ok let me see what i can talk about :roll:






no sorry cant think of anything........ im affraid my place is going to be the in the NAAFI :p
Wow Life, that is the biggest posting I've wever seen....did your finger slip luv?
what a beautiful kitten Lifey, be sure to protect it from evil men who want to stick a javelien in its head, there are plenty out there

Not on this forum of course.
LOL what sort of cat is it lifey

I thought that title was puff daddies :D :D
I would be honoured to take the mantle as fluffy moderator and I would have no hesitation in strictly enforcing the following rules.

1. No swearing, ever. I include words like fuck, shit, bastard, cunt, twat and pissflaps. This includes spelling them in a funny way so that the swear filter doesn’t get them. For example “lick my p i s s of a nettle, you minging fcuking t w a t head of a cnut” will not be acceptable and may lead to the loss of kitten stroking privelages.

2. No stroking of kittens. This may be offensive to the kittosexuals.

3. No offering of sexual favours or offers of free sexual services. This is highly offensive to those of us that have to pay.

4. No one, and I want to make this absolutely clear, is to throw stones at anyone, even if they do mention Jehova

5. No PM’s to anyone, ever. You can not be sure that your PM will not be offensive and it isn’t worth the risk.

6. There are to be no mentions of anyone that is white, black, brown, yellow, alive, dead, the undead, of any religious sect or that has ever existed, ever.

7. Kittens are allowed. But not hairy ones as people may have allergies. Bald pussies are also banned as they may be deemed offensive and can make you itch.

8. Discussions of knitting are allowed as long as they do not involve the use of an innocent animals coat or the use of pointy metal things, just in case.

9. Dogs are allowed but only in the true discussion of the canine breed. Dogs with teeth are not allowed, or hair, or legs. And especially not ones that make poo poo.

10. In fact, there are to be no posts, ever, just in case.

Enjoy the forum :D
History of the Maine Coon

There are many myths as to the origin of the Maine Coon. Some believed that a mating between a Racoon and a Domestic cat produced what we have today, in truth they are one of the oldest breeds of North America and generally thought to be native to the state of Maine, probably as a result of a mating between domestic and overseas longhairs.

The important features of the Maine Coon are the head and body, the texture and shag of the coat.

The head is slightly longer than it is wide with high cheekbones and ears that are large, wide at the base and moderately pointed.

The tail should be at least as long as the body tapering to the end.

Their coats show the harsh climate that they have come from. Its glossy with a rugged look to it, longer on the rough, stomach and britches and shorter on the back and neck.

The coat falls smoothly and shouldn't be fluffy.
The tail is what sets these cats apart, its bushy and long!

Their ears are heavily furred and their feet have tufted feet which serves as snow shoes in their native land.

The facial features are feral, long square muzzles and tall ears often with lynx tips.

The males can weigh between 12 and 20 pounds and the females from around 8 to 13 pounds. Maine Coons do not reach maturity until about 4 years of age.

Even their voices set them apart from other cats, as they chirp and trill for almost any reason.

They are also very playful, even as adults they can't resist to join in the fun a games!

Maine Coons love the company of people but at the same time they are not overly-dependant. They tend to follow their owners around investigating everything that you do in detail!

While not lap cats they like to be near you when you are relaxing.

They make wonderful companions and will always be there for you.

That's my boy! :wink:

Ohhhhh hell, looks like I broke the rules already!
The following filth was found secreted in the post above and as such lifesaver is to be banned and stoned to death

Lifesaver said:
Coon, Coon, mating between, America, mating, Coon, shag, head, wide at the base, britches, shouldn't be fluffy, bushy and long , males, females, maturity until about 4 years of age, even as adults they can't resist to join in the fun a games That's my boy! :wink:
Never have i seen such degrading behavour
Ban her and boot her in the tits

can I say that?
Are you, MDN and ORG, Freemasons by any chance?

Seems to be some Institutionalised Nepotism displayed here. :roll:

Add to rules, no long words that we don't understand :D
The important features of the Maine Coon are the head and body,

No sh1t!(oops) I'd say the important features of most of Gods fluffy creatures are the head and body.Try getting them to play without either of them would be 2wating(oops) imfcuking (oops)possible, No?

He does look lovely tho & I'm sure you have lots of fun stroking your Pussy.

Perhaps I should get a pet, would it stop me spunkinwell(oops) swearin?
Aw shucks Org I'm gutted man,I try real hard but I have Faark! typing terrets Foook! spit stomp slobber bollux!
this is the NAAFI tho intit?is it last orders yet?
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