Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RTFQ, May 12, 2005.

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  1. RTFQ


    What's the worst, most sickeningly sweet nickname you've ever been called?

    Mine's Fluffikins, by Cait, 5 minutes ago.
  2. My friend Jenny calls me Lush Pants, makes me feel all cringy

    And my mate Stevie B used to call me Sugar Plum, which is pretty horrendous aswell
  3. i'm not saying i'm the smallest person in the world, but it's when women think they're being nice and decide that "you're not fat, you're cuddley!" just seems to make it worse as they are taking pity on you....
  4. well mate its better than them calling greenpeace as they think they need help to roll a beached whale back into the sea!

  5. Your dad calls me his "very special little girl" :D
  6. I have loads of nicknames, none overly sweet or fluffy, but I have to confess to using the term "Sweet-cheeks" far too much recently. :oops: It started as a piss-take of one of my friends, but now I not only say it, but realise I've typed it in e-mails, usually only after I've hit "Send"... :oops: :oops:
  7. mates wife calls me "hun" I fecking detest it
    I wish cait would call me fluffykins, just as i am on the viniger stroke :D
  8. someone once called me "poppet" but i thought she was refering to the galloping pluke on her neck...

    how we laughed at the police station as i was charged with assault. :D
  9. My current bit of fluff has all too often called me "sweetpea". Feel like strangling her every time she does it. Mind you, then I'd be back to Razzle and hand cream.
  10. Esteemed Husband is the "Snuzzliest, Wuzzliest, Pumpkinny, Wumpkinny in the Whole of Toytown"

    Firefilly is "Lambkinny Wambkinny" and Firecolt is "Poozle Woozle".

    They also object to being called "Sweetie", "Petal" and "Precious". :D

    In my youth, I recall a hesitant young virgin addressing me as "Poor, Sweet Baby". Oh dear, oh dear....... :twisted:
  11. When a man wants his way, she's his "ickle angel, sweetypie, gorgeous lover girl, hunnybunnywunny".

    Afterwards, when she bangs her toe on route to the bathroom, she's a "clumsy cow".
  12. Will have been married 33 years come this August.. We long have had ' pet names' for each other..
    she calls me " Heyyou!"
    i call her " My First Wife"

    spread the love around...