Flu Jab

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by QNOGUNS, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Had a letter through the post today inviting me to have influenza vaccination (flu jab).
    As there are a number of the over 65s or are under the age but who has a "chronic disease" as my prectice calls it who has had the jab, I was wondering does it work, any side effects and anything else I need to know about it ?????
    Oh and I am under 65

  2. Had it, no side effects. No flu, but that could be a coincidence.

    Sod it, it's free - get it done.
  3. It's not a live virus so you won't catch flu from having it. Yes it works and it is worth having if you are at risk. Side-effects tend to be mainly soreness at injection site but it's minimal and same for all injections. Avoid if you are allergic to chicken or eggs.
  4. I had mine for last 3 years (incl bird flu) never a problem I will be going to get mine next week (no I'm not old before you start)
  5. The only time that I had the Flu jab I had the worst dose of snotting flu that winter that I have ever had
  6. I've been ill ever since - and still am now.

    FI Flu my arrse.

    Pleurisy, pneumonia, bronchitus(sp), loss of weight (like I need it), no appetite, yakking like a thing, weary, and just a general sense of "Can't be arrsedness" all in a oner.

    Your choice mate.

    Does that make me sound gay? Mebbe I should go back to bed.
  7. Stop being dramatic Bonzo, you had a cold, people die from flu.
  8. Well worth it if you have a lower immunity due to a chronic problem or (dare I say it) because you are getting old. For those who are fit and healthy, flu is not nice as it causes lots of aches and pains but you will get over it. Us older and less fit will still get the symptoms but, if you have the jab, it will not be serious enough to kill you (we hope).
    Still, last time I was invited for a "flu" jab was at Porton Down and I'm glad I never took that little invitation up despite what Part 2 orders offered you.
  9. Ditto. We were "persuaded" (along the lines of if we didn't have the jab and then caught flu, we would not get paid sick leave) at work to have the flu jab, I then spent the next week wishing I would die just so I'd feel better. I know I couldn't have caught it from the flu jab but the coincidence is enough to convince me to not bother with it again.
  10. My doc is a big fan of the flu shot so I have gotten every year. Worst side effect has been a bit of soreness at the injection site. I did skip it one year and had the flu so feckin bad I thought I was dying. I have never missed it since.

    Last year I had two jabs. I got the regular flu jab from my doc but the new flu vaccine was scarce so when the guy in the next office offered me one I jumped at the opportunity. (note: guy in the next office is a paramedic)

    Note also: Here in the US you can now get the jab from most pharmicists (chemists ?)
  11. Yes, have it, as someone said, its free - and any discomfort is mild and short term (if noticable at all)
    Remember all those people who have to live with you / work with you if you get flu because you did not have the jab.
    And living longer gives you the abilitiy to spend your maturing insurance policies (why leave it to others when you can be a Grumpy Old Man for years to come).
  12. You can also get a once only Pleurisies (sp) jab that last for 10 years/
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    As an at-risk patient (chronic late-onset asthma) I have been getting free flu jabs since I was diagnosed in the late 90s. Last year I also had the bird flu jab within about a month of the winter flu jab.

    I still usually get a cold every winter and sometimes it gets to my chest, but it never ticks any of the flu boxes. Generally I feel I get through winters better than I did in the early 90s.

    On balance, I'll take the jab, and I am booked in for next month. No shame, even when at 55 I am at least ten years younger than everyone else in the queue.

    That said, I had a cold, became a chest infection last month and I was rougher than a box of frogs. Ended up on Amoxycillin and I fear that it will have lowered my defences for this winter.
  14. 'Flu jabs? Pffuuuii. My vet wants me to send him a box of shit! Feckin' prevert.
  15. I have no option as I'm now ordered to have it as part of the yearly vaccination set. Mind I haven't had a cold or flu since I started so there must be something in it. Or it may be that I just don't inhabit cold, wet training areas* any more!

    * read Europe