Flu jab time, again

Lifted this from so what are you drinking:

"Been full of real man flu (or as she calls it a "cold") all week :("

Had a card from the Veterans Affairs folks today reminding me to have a shot. As it happens, I am seeing them tomorrow about my bionic ears, so it'll be a package deal.

I'll have to see if they also do the pneumonia and shingles jabs.
I go for mine this week.... all free, nae expenses..... harrumf. Nurse Olga will make sure I go to have it....


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Had mine yesterday. It seems its the same as last years, swine flue is still around.
I asked the "corpsman" if I could get a pneumonia and shingles jabs. He asked my age and said I no longer need pneumonia shots "at your age." Thanks, I think. They don't stock shingles serum, so it's off to my primary care doc.

For those of you who have not had shingles, a word of advice:


But if you had chickenpox in your younger years, the virus is already resident in your system.


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anyone got the shits from this years flu jab ?
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Last year's flu jab saw me laid out for about three days with flu-like symptoms. Being late-onset asthmatic, flu, cold, man-flu, whatever hit me badly. But three days (presumably, I haven't investigated, while the live vaccine got into my system) was better than ten days of real flu. My jab is booked for two weeks tomorrow. Fingers crossed this year's isn't as rough.


Having had a splenectomy, I join the NHS priority queue along with all you old fogies..... :)

I know that the jag is better than the illness, but it still wipes me out for a couple of days afterwards.


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I have had a flu jab every year for the last ten years, I don't know if it's helped because I haven't had the flu in over 15 years
The last chest infection I had was in 1992
However I am plagued by ibs, it really is unpleasant
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