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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Monaro, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. And I thought the 60s was dead! 8O


    I especially like the communities part:

    RAR! Police state 'n' all that... :roll:
  2. It hardly seems worth starting a separate thread so I'll just moan here.
    I've made no allusions to not being a student, but in case anyone didn't catch it; I am a student.

    Why is it that people interested in 'peace' are so smelly, ugly and have a penchant for dredlocks?

    I was off on a night out and as we were walking along we passed a group of the smelly gits (before anyone even thinks of saying it, students shower these days) all weilding placards primarily with George W Bush's face, with the words 'World's Number One Terrorist'. I was going to say something along the lines of 'Yeah but he's not though is he......?' but thought better of it. One of my mates however actually has some hair on his balls and got into a very heated debate with a hippy at the 'Save the Planet' stall about the flaws of Fair-Trade.

    Again, because I can't be dealing with starting another thread. Is it walting to be walking around in Welsh Guards No.2 Jacket or just bad taste on their part. There seems to be people in camo jackets everywhere.
  3. Similar experience on Saturday walking into town, (I also am a Student) and as I hit New street first woman trying to push a "Boycott Israeli goods" flyer in my face. Managed to body swerve her but was then confronted by some little oik who wanted to give me some literature on the subject, I said no thanks, he then asked if I knew where Palestine was and what was going on over there, I stupidly said yes. He replied with "Oh you must join in and help our course" this prompted a 1000 yard stare. He then went on to tell me how it was all the Jews doing and how they were evil and killing women and children for no reason. I should have chinned the fcuker right there, or question how it was the "Jews" and not the Israelis doing, or maybe how non-combatants wouldn't be hurt if the attackers were not hiding out or being allowed to use their homes.

    Did wonder as I walked on if I should have reported him to the Police for the anti-Semitic remarks, because I am bloody sure that if I had turned around and went no, it is all the Palestinians doing, all Muslims are terrorists, (I am not saying that is what I think just making a point here) that I would have been locked up.
  4. People with banners are the worst... I found a picture and printed it off just so I could irritate vegitarians and vegans who try to "convert" me...

  5. Love that!!

    Its the anti vivisections that get me!! - hate them!!

    I hope that if they need an operation, they will obviously be going without anasethetic, cos that was tested on animals - hmmm i think probably not, only protest cos they want to be 'activists'
  6. Aye - the hypocrisy is is huge. "Animal Terrorists" are the worst... freeing animals from laboratories.

    Nice one... anyone for 28 Days Later?
  7. Those Twits who bullied that family by digging up the granny really got my goat, WTF! They bread rodents! fecking RODENTS, they didn't make monkeys where lipstick and then not take them out for the night. fecking idiots. I for one won’t use anything unless it has been thoroughly tested on animal and then paid volunteers (hopefully immigrants)
  8. You would have been wasting your time Loz. The international zionist conspiracy would simply have added you to its database, nothing would have been done and you would suddenly have disap......
  9. Would love to walk in to Boots or somewhere with likkle bunny rabbit tucked under arm. Walk up to the counter with a bottle of shampoo and ask whether this product has been tested on animals. When answered "No Sir, of course not," I'll shout "Well how the fcuk am I supposed to know if it's safe then?" Then proceed to rub large quantities of shampoo into rabbit's eyes.
  10. These people are a damn good argument for legalised abortion 60 years after birth. (shamefully stolen from the Lord Flash)

    I get them where I live, "did you know that for every barrel of oil, one Iraqi has died" or some such nonsense. If confronted by an anti military type who tries to persuade you to join some campaign or march or vandalism, the best response is to be gotten from "I'd love to help, but I'm joining the Navy you see", the froth and drivle that then spews forth about helping kill babies is only comical.

    But the Animal rights ones are even worse, clearly an animal is second class to Humans, but no, animals must be free. If animal testing were outlawed, how many humans would die? An animals life is not the same as a human life.

  11. Fcuking lol! :lol: