Discussion in 'Travel' started by bangalore, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. I'm off to Florida next year with the family to take the kids to Disney etc. The flights, car, villa etc are all booked


    I've heard on the grape vine that a lot of places give us a bit of a discount if you flash you MoD90, if so is it worth booking the Disney and Orlando Fexi-tickets online before going or waiting until we get there?

    Thanks in advance
  2. wait til you get there...i'm rubbish at links & stuff but if you go to


    it should help a little...

    ...also i think there is a thread on here about forces discounts that cover seaworld etc...
  3. Go to the "Shades of Green" web site for discount tickets, Disney, Universal etc. You have to go to Shades of Green in Disney land to buy the tickets in person ie you can't buy them over the web. The savings are worth it. Hope this helps.
  4. Sea World Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa did free entrance with your ID card last year. Don't know if it's still free but definitely a good discount.
    Unfortunately, the Naval Base in Orlando has closed down and they used to all you to stay in BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters) with your family for stupid rates, about 5 dollars a night. Also gave you access to BX (Navy PX) and cheap attraction tickets. You can go to Patrick AFB at Cape Canaveral and get admission on your MOD90 to give you the same deals.
    Best thing to do is to show your card and see what you're offered. Definitely check out shades of green website
  5. ive heard Seaworld is free with a mod90 and they do a presentation/ round of applause type thing for all service personell in the audience apparently
    i think its in a place called kissimme? (sorry for crap spelling)
  6. Sea World is at the south end of I-drive. yes they still do the veterans/serving thank-you thing before the Shamu Show.
    Bangalore I'm off to Orlando in 2 weeks time will see what info I can get regarding discounts etc.
  7. AAGF


    Took the Mrs to Sea World for her birthday last year - did the "behind the scenes" tour of the polar exhibit (pet a penguin etc) - lame. Much better was the dolphin training - you get a trainer, and a bucket of fish and your own dolphin to mess with for about 30 minutes - you are not in the water with them, but it was fun.

    Only food in the park worth eating is in the Shark Tank restaurant. Free beer at the Budwater place.
  8. I'm retired MOD (Army) - used Shades of Green Oct 08 - (reminds me of the US R & R centres in Garmisch - brilliant) - excellent place, nice helpful folks, got discount tickets no problem - especially good price for Universal 12 month unlimited access. Busch Gardens & Sea World - best prices I found were online again unlimited access to both parks for your "length of stay" offer best value.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    bcsack, I'm off to Florida in a few weeks, I'm no longer serving and as we don't get an ID card how do you show you were a soldier for the discounts?
  10. Hackle will jump all over this one.

    Didn't you keep yours?

    (Can you get me a Minnie Mouse fridge magnet?)
  11. Sorry I missed your post - I sent Shades of Green an email (to which they replied in less than an hour) printed that & took it along with my reservists ID card (in mobilization pack) presented that to the sentry who made a call & that sufficed. Paid with credit card & everyone pleasant & helpful. We intend going back in September for another dose !!
  12. Fek I wish I had read that before I bought the tickets, anyway back now and had a thoroughly good time and we're saving up to go again.

    So what was good and what was not so good?


    Sea world, (yes I was made to stand up by my wife when they asked all military personell to so they could cheer us - I was slightly embarrassed by this, but very touched). Wet and Wild, Aquatica, Bushe Gardens (absolutely brilliant), Universal (Studios and Islands of Adventure), Gatorland and Epcot. The feeding was good especially Sizzlers (unbelievable - you get what you order plus anything on the complimentry buffet which is huge), Bob Evans and Perkins.

    Not so good

    Wasn't very impressed with Disneys Magic Kingdom - too many people and a long wait for the rides (where dreams come true? more like where queues come true), using the fast pass facility is a must.

    Denny's and Golden Corral for eating, Denny's not as bad but had issues with things not on the menu or not giving the table their food at the same time - the worst was 25 minutes between the first and last people getting theirs. The Golden Corral wasn't very clean and the waitress had a right attitude, lastly the water was a bit iffy so use bottled water.

    Other than the above I can't get over how clean everything was and how pleasant and helpful everyone was - also I didn't hear a single swear word until we got back to the UK when some little tart was complaining that she'd just been sat on a plane for 8 fekking hours.
  13. HERE! HERE! sizzlers and ponderosa are amazing, ive been twice when i was 8 and 10/11 (18 now) and i had an awesome time! from a kids perspective id reccomend visiting the discovery cove place, and i found the gulf coast intresting to trek around (such as seeing manatees and such in wildlife parks) also if you get the chance Kenedy space centre was awesome!! and if your lucky enough as i was both times you may see the launch of a shuttle/rocket etc. awe inspiring i must say! other attractions id suggest would be the everglades/miami and finally make sure you check out the beaches all those i went to were great for the odd day out to just chill form the bustle of the parks! ENJOY ALL!
  14. Bumping this thread because I'm going this August. Anyone been in the last 4 years that can share any recent stories?

    Ive never been to America, but I'm all booked up and paid for my park tickets. I just really want to know how well or not so well you were treated because you were military outside of the parks. Do many restaurants offer discount? ect.