Florida Teen Burned By Classmates-911 Call Audio

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by YANK60, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. This is a recording of the 911 call made just after the 15-year-old was set on fire by 5 hoodlums. This is hard to listen to. These animals should be sent to prison for life.
    911 Audio

    How they could do this to another human being is beyond me. As far as I'm concerned, they can float Florida out to f***ing sea.
  2. It's America…
  3. Was she ginger?......
  4. What happened to the Guy Fawkes?
  5. Gosh,that's terrible.How long did the blubber burn for?
  6. Gosh, did I mistakenly post this in the NAAFI? Fcking cnut.
  7. So, do we know what brands of alcohol and lighter were used?
  8. Not really, its coming through quite well on my computer maybe your speakers are knackered.
  9. Sounds pretty bad. America is screwed up, and we are getting that way too. Animals.

    What makes this worse, is he clearly is a child. Frikkin awful to listen to.
  10. Yank60, did they catch the scum who carried the attack out?
  11. Judging by a few of these responses, I'd say you're there. After 5 years posting on this site, I'm still somewhat shocked at times with this "squaddie humour". Speaking of which, 2 of the mongs who did this were laughing about it at the police station. That's alright, the Florida penal system will "sort them out", as you say. :twisted:
  12. Well, er... its the only way some people know how to deal with certain issues I think. Listening to that audio may have brought some things back to some people, and the only way they know how to deal with it, is to make a joke. Squaddies (& ex Squaddies) comments fortunately dont reprisent the actions of a few individuals, just as these twisted kids who set the other kid on fire, doesnt really represent your nation.

    I blame violent computer games, TV, floride in the water and sh1t parents.

    We have had complete sickos too, Look at the Bulger case, and there have been many like it. Its when children think it is acceptable to do these things, well, I dont know, its awful. Its a sign of the times.
  13. I see Current Affairs has gone to rat shit recently...PTP must be away :roll:
  14. YANK60,
    I'm really very sorry that I didn't take this serioulsy.It is of course a very sad story and not a laughing matter in anyway whatsoever.By way of an apology,and as an expression of my sincere regret for any offence caused,please accept this song.
  15. Yes. There were 5 of them. One 13, the other 4 are 15. So, the media reports show them with their faces obscured. The victim borrowed $40 from the lead mong to buy a video game. He didn't repay the loan on time, apparently. So the lead mong (Michael Bent) tried to steal the victim's father's bike. The victim called the police, and the lead mong was busted for theft. The victim was labeled a snitch. So the lead mong got 4 other mongs to help him get revenge. The mong who actually set fire to the kid is being charged with attempted 2nd degree murder. The other 4 are charged with aggravated battery. Assuming the victim lives. It's hard to come back from an 80% burn. And yeah, America has gone down the sewer. I can no longer defend it, it's a fcking lost society. You're lucky you're 3000 miles away.