Florida shooting Experiences

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. Hi
    Im going to Florida in Sept, i would like to go to a Rifle Range and have a go at a wide range of weaponry not normally available in the UK.
    is there any Americans here who can point me toward any range near Orlando that i can go for shooting experiences?

    many thanks
    Semper :D

    Saves me having to book and go on a training course in a military ranges with all the admin hassle that go with it, when i would just rather just turn up and shoot.

    I couldn't be arsed getting a gun licence here(UK) as they make you go through the hoops to get one, when any Gangsta would just go down to a dodgy pub and pick one up for £30 etc
    Tighting the gun laws makes no difference to them. :roll:
  2. We went to orlando and my hubby took me into a place called
    The Shooting Gallery
    2911 w. 39th st.

    belongs to universal weapons and is near enough opposite the jail.
    tel = 407 428 6255

    sorry that's as much as i know about it.
  3. Semper, I live in Central Florida. PM me and let me know where you are going to be and when. I'll find you a decent place to shoot and maybe even come pop off a few with you.

    And do you want to shoot pistol, rifle or both?
  4. Both, in for a penny in for a pound, be nice to do that.
  5. what i am looking to shoot is Brownings, M 16s, AK47, LA1A1 SLR! even, anything else is a bonus
  6. well guys and those who know me, im in Florida and have just fired off a 70 year old Thompson gun ! and a .45 Magnum
    will be going back to the range later to try out an M16 and .44 magnum :D
    i am a happy chappy , its p!ss easy to book a range and hire a gun, scarily so as i was firing next to a kids who knows fuk all about firing a shotgun he has just brought !
    still i got my wits about me. thank fuk !

    for some reason they banned AK47 recently which has now elapsed so will be available again soon.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    How about because the AK47 is a military assault rifle the primary purpose of which is to kill people. Letting ignorant rednecks keep them under the sofa tends to result in innocent people dying.
  8. A wholesome dread of being shot, by the intended victim, deters would-be killers and marauders.

    Those who won't be thus deterred need killing.

    Kalashnikov-type rifles weren't banned under the Clinton Crime Bill. The further importation of AK-47s and AK-47 clones (such as the Chinese MAK-90) was banned.

    Those that were already over here were as legal as before.
  9. That's why I own two, I want to be able to shoot back. :D

    Semper, if you ever come back, let me know ahead of time and I'll come shoot with you. Between work and hurricanes, I forgot you were here.
  10. Was that a .45 Wildey magnum?
  11. no worries mate, while i was there on the second visit to the range, i also fired off a Browning, M16 and a Beretta sub machine gun.

    do you know "the shooting gallery" 39th street orlando ? it not too far to go , i know off a few others and the next time i will try to go to them,

    had a close call re the hurricanes, Ivan changed path at the last minute and left Florida with 3 hours to spare before Jeanne came along :wink:
  12. I think it is located right off of I-4...been years since I was there was one of the few places that rent full autos.

    Now that Knights Shooting opened in my neck of the woods [Tampa Bay Area] we have moved up to a full auto range kinda town. :D
  13. As a cause of "innocent people dying," governments, confronting disarmed civilian populations, have civilian gun owners beaten by a generous margin.

  14. I'm still pissed off with Blair for taking my Smith & Wesson 686 when the little sh1t came to power, I only had two pistols then, I have got nine rifles now!
    Mrs Tombs keeps saying "what do you want another rifle for?"....................................Wimmin.............they just don't understand an armed nutter do they?
  15. thats where i went , not too bad , wished the range was abit longer to really test my markmanship.
    went to Tampa Bay area and Clearwater while in Florida , nice place, i would go back again, we also went to that strange pier with an Inverted pyramid in St Peterburg.