Florida cops attacked with assault rifle


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Is it any wonder US police act they way they do?

Below link is Dashcam footage shown on a yank news channel that shows the moment two Florida Cops were ambushed by a black man. This concluded with the gunman being shot dead and an officer severely injured.

This will be interesting.

Actually no, it'll be the usual shit show we've all come to enjoy.

I'm more concerned how they never caught the news anchor. He's a known felon.

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Did the guy with the AR 'Pistol' drop his mag, it seems like something dropped off as he went to the front of his car, might explain why he resorted to clubbing with it later (unless he empties the mag that fast)


Never mind, I see it was an object already on the ground, he kicked it with his foot as he want by and that is what I saw,
No doubt a British cop would now be on the line for murder after emptying the mag into him.

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