Flora London Marathon 2007

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Goatman, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Its the only way I can get away from the Other Half

  2. Its the only way I can get to SPEAK to the Other Half

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  3. Seemed like a good idea at the time....ouch

  4. I am a superior being with a body like a Greek temple

  5. I am an inferior being with a body like a Greek minicab driver

  6. Its all Greek to me - nutters

  7. I run Sub Three and am therefore a Running God anyway

  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Oooh -er.....Sunday looming up AWF'Y fast isn't it folks :twisted:

    ( You lucky,lucky bstards......haven't got through on the ballot yet.)

    Apart from the mighty .dolly who is gallantly raising money for Combat Stress, who else out there is going for a gentle jog on this Sunday around the Capital ?

    Tell us all on this thread about
    > how the training has gone ?
    > who you're running for and why ?
    > target time?
    > top tips for the big day ? etc.

    On a boringly work-related note any medics running who'd like to share their tale before or after do please PM me with the gory details !

    Good luck to ALL the mil folk running this year's FLM - I'll be doing the fabled Goatman Two-Hoofed Rain Dance* in the back garden from 0800 on Sunday onwards on your behalf......a nice drizzle I think.

    Lee Shaver

    * FinestKind, Cast-Iron ,Guaranteed, Never Known to Fail and Totally Bomb-Proof in its efficacy - as recommended by Mr Noah Ben Isaac who said
    ' Strewth, Nelly it's coming down like stair rods....get those unicorns aboard NOW !'
  2. Would love to but am in Asia...

    However, best of luck to those running, especially the ones doing it for charity. Am posting because it reminded me of when I ran it in 96/97 for charity, all going well until the 14 mile point and then lack of training (laziness) kicked in and my right leg seized up, however, in the good honest military tradition I soldiered on because it was worth of 2 grand in charity money so I had to complete it. Kept myself going but nearly lost it down the final mile when I saw the man in the Rhino suit jog past me....gutted.

    Good luck!
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    tee hee :) having been passed on The Embankment by some nutter wearing a rhino suit myself I know EXACTLY how that feels....fit BSTARDS......as I've said before, the only thing that got me in under 5 hours in 2000 was seeing Orinoco the Womble come past me on Birdcage Walk....fortunately for me he stopped for a group photo with Tobermory and Madame Cholay in front of Buck House so I tottered past narrowly beating the Wombles across the line.....( I was younger and fitter back then...)

    For most people 'getting round' is the name of the game. A Civil Service friend of mine has done it in 2:58 - but he's a running nut.

    Fastest Army marathon runner I'm aware of was either a Kenyan signaller called Chepchumba or a Medic attached to Them who I believe has cracked FLM in 2:31.

    The fastest British Military marathoner in FLM (or anywhere else for that matter) I know of is a Royal Marine called Mark Croasdale. His PB for this race is 2:16:02, which put him in line for the British Olympic team.
    Link here.

    My very best wishes to all for Sunday - enjoy the day, especially the cheese sandwich!

    (To paraphrase an Arrse signature - Pain fades, wounds heal - and chicks dig men in shorts!)

    Don Cabra
  4. Good luck to everyone competing, especially .Dolly (go on, sponsor her! - you know it makes sense).

    Other issues prevent me from being able to compete but having done long distances before I'm impressed by people competing - not just those completing either.

  5. How's about Steve Jones who was a RAF technician when he ran 2.06, albeit not in the FLM. I'm sure that he ran the FLM in the late eighties in a similar time but I can't quite pin it down.
  6. Correction to my last, his time was 2-07-13s for the FLM in 1985
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    According to the link I posted above (UNITED KINGDOM ALL-TIME LISTS - MASTERS (VETERANS) MARATHON ) Steve Jones best time over the age of 35 was 2:10:06 - which was in Toronto 1992....I didn't know he was Crab Air - bit before my time. I seem to recall he was an Olympic squad member too ?
    As per the option above - as far as I'm concerned anyone who cracks Sub Three is a SERIOUS marathon runner....shee-it, I'd be chuffed to 'qualify' to wear one of those Gucci 'Sub Four' tops.....a goat of limited ambition !

    ( have I got one more in me? ........hmmmm.....I have actually uttered those immortal words 'Never Again'....but.....)

    Lee Shaver
  8. Another one doing the rain dance. Did the Paris marathon last Sunday in a heatwave, hope you don't have to suffer that. At least FLM will have plenty of water available, unlike the uttter shambles in Paris........

    Best of luck to all those running, especially Dolly.

    Daz, if you read this, great time last Sunday, hope everything goes to plan for round 2.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Cor well done FMo'P - allez les bleus ! What was your time ?

    If anyone remembers this incident ?

    Check this:
    Pte Karl Hinett of 1 STAFFORDS came to prominence when the Warrior of which he was the driver was surrounded and firebombed on TELIC 6; the pictures of the crew on flames escaping the vehicle became iconic images of the ongoing operations in Iraq.

    Pte Karl Hinett was badly burnt, not least suffering severe facial burns and has undergone a great deal of medical treatment including several operations.

    He and his mother received support from the Royal British Legion when they needed it most and now, in a gesture of thanks, Pte Hinett has decided to run the London Marathon in aid of the RBL to raise money so that they can help others.

    If you would like to support Karl, please visit his Marathon Donations page at www.bmycharity.com/V2/karlhinett

    go Karl - all the best mate....take your time, run your own race, don't ogle the fanny too much - enjoy! Good effort.

    Best of luck to everyone running tomorrow...wish I was there !

    Don Cabra
  10. Good luck all, me and Goaty know how hard it is cos we are double hard basturds !

    Don't change a thing on the day, its just another run
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Speak for yersel' Polar - my nose runs faster than the rest of me these days..... ah the smell of Linament and fear...the tackiness of the roads awash with discarded Lucozade pouches...the blokes dressed in St Trinian's gear peeing nonchalantly up a tree in Greenwich Park....the AMAZING TNT logistics operation.....the missing toenails....that bloody cheese sarnie....its bringing it all back :D

    EDIT to ADD: Best of luck to Nell McAndrew - running again this year:


    Any 'Double-hard bstards' out there who think they're doing well to get round in less than 4 hours.....just reflect on what a (er...well fit) slip of a Page 3 girl managed it in :D

    All the best everyone...I'll be working on some light drizzle for you !

    Don Cabra
  12. The opportunity to have a slash on Canary wharf, or the freedom to rub your balls with vaseline then wink and go "Alright luv" to the pretty girl watching you do it
  13. Thank you, I'll need all the luck I can get tomorrow as me and sun/heat are arch enemies.... now about that failsafe rain dance you mentioned in the other thread Goatman any chance of pulling it off? PLEASE

    Goats/Polar I have yet to sample the delightfulf images you so succinctly conjure up but am definitely looking forward to mingling with fellow lunatics.

    Edited to add: BEST OF LUCK KARL! :boogie:
  14. best of luck .Dolly
  15. Best of luck to all running the marathon