Flora London Marathon - 13th April

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Goatman, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Is a life changing experience

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  2. Is for lycra clad loonies who cant find a cab

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  3. Is for people with lots of time and good knees

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  4. just.....HURTS dude !

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  5. Is the best thing i have done so far

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Slightly astounded not to find a thread here - Pangur Puss if I'm wrong plse re-direct.

    Not got a place this year but good luck to ALL the Service perss who are running tomorrow.

    Not least the Help For Heroes team led by Mark.....go,go,go guys - just don't try and keep pace with those BL00DY rhinos :thumright:

    love to hear how it goes.....wish I was there.

    PB 4:13 USMCM 27 ( old and slow)
  2. Good luck to everyone running it, especially Eleanor attempting to break the world record for fastest female in a superhero outfit (the record is 4.08)! Give her a shout if you see her, she's dressed as Supergirl.

    PB 4h11
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    So.....how did we get on then ?

    Tell Arrse your story - anyone spot anything MORE bizarre than a man dressed in a St Trinians outfit , casually p1ssing up a tree in Greenwich park ?
    :D ( 2002 .........nearly put me off my pre-race banana)

    Le Chevre
  4. Was watching some of it through new eyes this morning, wishing I was there amongst it (fool) again, whilst wrestling with an OU assignment.

    Jack-Daniels was one ARRSEr definitely in, then there's that RE chap running 38 laps around his base at Lashkar Gah, in body armour and 30C heat. 8O Saw THIS young nails chap going round. BBC showed quite a good build-up piece on him too. I'm in no doubt he will have made it.

    How did you get on JD? The soaking looked pretty harsh, hope it didn't increase the chafing.
  5. JD running? That - I would pay to see. :D :D
  6. my mate's mate ran it for H4H and finished in 4hrs 40mins....he's only 3ft tall but apparently he was 5ft 10 when he started!! So jolly good show to 'Little Iain'!!!!
  7. Woo hoo, well done Eleanor aka Supergirl, under 4h Paris last week and London today!
  8. Anyone on here? JD perhaps? :D

  9. Whilst on a recruitment drive I just thought I'd buzz this wot i rote 'ere over here, you never know...

    fmp -
    JD? If it is he really ought to have sorted that thong out, looks more like a sanitary towel :lol:
  10. Who took my photo? Thought I'd ducked under the radar with that one. My old legs managed to get me round in 3.06 which I was happy with, went through 20 miles in 2.18 feeling good and thought I was on for the Holy Grail of sub 3 then got some mad stomach cramps which slowed me up. Still, I got my good for age time which guarantees entry for next year. Now where the local kebab shop, got weight to put back on!!
  11. I think I actually caught trench foot!!
  12. Well done JD! :clap: Astounding result.

    Was beginning to wonder if you'd been skewered by the Masai Warriors! :D
  13. They weren't impressed when I threw them some Hexy Block and told them it was Kendall Mint Cake (just like the old days on Ex Grand Prix!!). Passed loads of runners with Help for Heroes vests on. Good to see.
  14. Ha that means you would have gone past me! 4 hrs 50 I finished it in, but it means I now have a marker in the sand to try and beat at some point in the future! :)

    There was some chap in a Borat outfit, I bet that hurts this morning. A chap running in just a small skimpy shorts, but his female running companion was wearing something just as skimpy which kept me going for a while.

    The wife also said she'd seen some runners with blood spots where their nipples had obviously been rubbed raw! Ouch :cry:

  15. Oh and I've already applied for 2009!

    You can do it online here! If anyone is interested, we're hoping for a team of 250 running for H4H next year!