Floppy goes swimming in the toilet

Just caught a thread on pprune with regards to a Gaz having a mishap at Ballykelly. In the drink but initial reports are that crew are OK, thank god. Any more news?

This from UTV;
Both the pilot and passenger were treated in hospital for shock and injuries, which an army spokesman said were not serious.

The Gazelle helicopter ditched in shallow water some 200 metres offshore near the Ballykelly security forces base in County Londonderry.

The emergency happened at 5.40am when the helicopter was leaving the base on a routine flight.

``There is no suggestion of terrorist action in connection with the incident,`` said an army statement.

It added: ``The cause of the accident is not known and a GB-based Air Accident Investigation Team has been flown to the scene.``
...obviously they would have been 'within autorotative range of the land' - wouldn't they?

...why bother with dunker - we NEVER fly over the sea anyway...

Still, it appears that they are shaken not stirred, so we should be thankful of that. ;)
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