Floods- Send the army?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armies, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. People on the news are saying the army should also be sent in, to assist the emergency services. What about the manpower?...Has the army got the resources for this?

    Typical, no one cares about the army, but when a crisis happens people suddenly turn and start yearning for the army to be called in.
  2. Until they start giving a flying f@ck about the forces, why should the forces help out. Lets see if Ashtead gets any flooding and watch them come running then. Plus is there anyone spare to do this, I doubt it very much, a bit busier elsewhere.
  3. Already helping out in Worcestershire etc, heard on 5 live this morning that there are two soldiers missing in that neck of the woods, lets hope they are just cut off in some village somewhere with no comms.
  4. 30SR succesfully deployed 12 lads for a guided tour of the West Midlands motorway network before being sent home so the TA could take the glory yesterday. TA Sig Regts are deployed in the Midlands.
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Daily Hate

    Fcuk me, where did the TA get helicopters from? Afghanistan?
  6. Alas, the Forces have been cut back so much that they are probably only able to help on a limited basis. Or it is the responsiblity of the TA and dedicated rescue units.

    Hope the two mias are found soon, safe and well.

    This country as a whole needs to start looking at our emergency responses and our equipment.

    These floods and similar are happening all to frequently. Time to bring back Civil Defence?

    I beleive (or so the news reported) that the RAF have rescued more people over the last 36 hours than they have in the last 30 years.
  7. Oh, that'll be the HAC, popped out nad bought their own don't you know?
  8. Typical, no one cares about the army, but when a crisis happens people suddenly turn and start yearning for the army to be called in.[/quote]

    The vast majority of the population do care about the forces but as they have there own lives to live are not constantly talking about it. I for one am disgustede at the way the government neglects the needs of HMF but there is very little I can do about it except what I have already done, vote against the present government. While I would dearly love to see al troops withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan I am not so naive as to think it would be an easy operation, there seems to be an attitude about that all that would be needed is to report to the nearest airport and climb on a plane.Like it or not, we are there now and can't just cut and run and leave our allies to sort out the mess.
  9. Lets go back 4-5 years. The fire brigade striked, just before Op Telic kicked off. Who covered the fire and rescue services?...of course, it was the army.

    Now that was over pay obviously. Now my question is, everyone knows the army are overstrethed, literally hanging on a string. But should the fire brigade want to strike again, will they think of the army and the repercussions it will cause?. Or due to the commitments the army has, is it unlikely that the fire brigade unions will start another strike?

    I wouldnt rule out another to be honest at some point in the future.
  10. Stop whining and get the sand bags filled...
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    York.... Glad I wasn't attached to 2 Sigs that year!
  12. Helped out during the Windsor floods in 1994. We evacuated all the civvies in the local area into camp, fed them kept them warm and dry while driving around sand bagging their homes. We were heroes for about a week then they went back to complaining about the noise of vehicles and early morning road runs again.
  13. LOL...

    So am I...
  14. I know several who weren't so lucky!!!!!! :D

    Pads living in the gym, ready to go. Unlucky.
  15. mysteron

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    Thanks for calling the British Army, I am sorry all of our personnel are busy right now, but your call is important to us......Your are number 112, 342 in the queue. [Plays "The British Grenadiers"], thanks for waiting, did you know that you can join the Army at www.armyjobs@mod.uk or if you would like to leave a message press one now..........

    Thank you for calling the British Army, the person that you have called......is unavailable as they are deployed, on a career course or are on training to deploy to some godforsaken sh!thole on the whim of a Government that does not support us. If you leave your name, number and nature of crisis - we will get back to you after we have sorted everyone else's problems...........Thank you for calling.