Floods relievied by soldiers due to deploy.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by elnoddo, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. I was going to add this to an existing thread but could'nt find any in the same context.

    Ive recently been deployed on the flood relief operation and while it was a nice break from OPTAG trg feel it should be known that our 'Superhuman effort' was achieved by taking various troops from planned trg ex's.

    Should we be pleased about all the good press or concerned at the fact that guys were dragged from Herrick trg to fulfill this?
  2. How many were involved who should have been on OPTAG TRG?
  3. Who is askin?
  4. Skynet of course. You can see my profile on the BAFF site.
  5. 17 P&M are relieving 9 Supply today

    I believe shiny 9 are about to deploy and are now going on pre-tour leave

    not sure about them missing Optag though???
  6. Its just the fact that the Army is having to adjust to other things when they should be allowed to focus on tasks at hand (Tours) Its about time someone in MOD OPs starts to say NO to things.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    The Army cant really pick and choose what it can or cannot do. If the civil power asks for help, surely the MoD is obliged to respond in the best way it can.
    Granted taking troops from essential training is hardly ideal, but that is more to do with the Army being "nearly out of troops" than mis-placed priorities.

    IMO, this flooding stuff has demonstrated convincingly that the CCRF is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Regular forces are used for the immediate effect while the TA is mobilised (takes around 24 hours), who can then conduct relief in place of regular forces who can return to their normal schedule.

    Think i went way off topic there so apologies. In short, if the Civil Power asks for help, the Armed Forces must respond. Well, it shouldnt do anyway.
  8. I agree and when I said saying NO to things meant OPs so we can actually cover things closer to home.
  9. Yeah 9 may have been running the show but theres also elements from a lot of other regt's down there.

    The majority of the lads and lasses from 27 got pulled off ranges/aviation trg to help out.

    Now i'm not complaining about that as such, I just believe it should be known that in doing this we are utilising troops preparing to deploy to op theatre's.
  10. I think it takes the p1ss that operational training is binned to help out civvies. Surely a civvy mong can dish out water and fill sandbags. There again do most of the public really give a fcuk if a soldier dies because of lack of pre deployment training as long as they get their water.
  11. Lots of questions from many reservists as to why we weren't asked to attend. Is this a ARAB/STAB mentality that the reserves can't do the job or is it that policy people forget the reserves exist sometimes?
  12. It's probably because it's much easier just to get regulars to do it. One phone call and you've got an entire unit to run around after civvies all day.
  13. Why (as has been covered in the only TA forum) didnt the TA get brought in, it's not as ifthe TA couldn't just ask for volunteers and get a good response. If the MOD was too worried about mobilising a few TA to help because of cost but more than willing to sacrifice pre-deployment training (albeit partially - all the same important preperation) which is vital to the safety and effectivness of personel on ops it quite obviously shows their confused priorites and shocking disregard for service personels lives.
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    TA/reservists get a bonus for mobilising (not sure how much exactly) and i think the employers can get compensation.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Indeed, the bonus for mobilising is over £400. It's meant to cover expenses incurred due to being mobilised for a 'proper' tour, but as it's the only bonus there is, anyone mobilised gets it even if you are mobilised for a week. There is a max rate of one every 6 months, I think (to stop certain other, non-Army types, getting it every damn month).

    TA = Not Cheap. Don't ever think that they are!