Floods in Cumbria

RAF and RNLI are involved

RAF helicopters used to evacuate 200 people from CockermouthLifeboats are launched to aid those stranded as severe flooding cuts off the centre of Cockermouth in Cumbria
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Helen Carter and Caroline Davies guardian.co.uk, Thursday 19 November 2009 23.40 GMT Article historyA major rescue operation was launched tonight to evacuate more than 200 people after severe flooding cut off the centre of Cockermouth in Cumbria.

RAF helicopters, mountain rescue teams and fire crews were called to rescue those trapped by rising waters in the main street and town square.

Lifeboats were launched as the town bore the brunt of the heavy rain and strong winds which swept across northern England and southern Scotland. Forecasters are warning more bad weather is on the way.

More than 1,000 homes in the area were without electricity, with a further 349 homes affected in nearby Keswick.

Fire crews responded to emergency calls throughout west Cumbria. A police spokesman said: "The RAF is supporting the rescue and recovery operation with three helicopters and two RAF mountain rescue teams."

Trees were floating down the main shopping street in Cockermouth. John Carlin, owner of the Allerdale Court hotel, in Cockermouth town centre, said the amount of rainfall to hit the area was "staggering".

"I have lived here for 15 years and have never seen anything like it," he said. "At two o'clock it was raining heavily but there was nothing here but now there is four feet of water outside my front door. The amount of rain has been staggering.

"It's desperate. The town centre is completely flooded, the only people out there at the moment are the emergency services. The water is up to the waists of the firefighters."

RNLI lifeboat teams were set to assist the rescue operation throughout the night using up to nine lifeboats.

"The dark and cold conditions won't help, but our teams train year-round to ensure we can respond to the specific conditions faced with swift water flooding, which are different to the conditions our volunteers usually face at sea," said RNLI divisional inspector north Andy Clift, who was overseeing the RNLI teams from a police command centre in Penrith.

"We expect to operate throughout the night, and will assist the emergency response for as long as we are needed."

The Met Office said the village of Seathwaite in Cumbria recorded 173mm (6.8in) of rain in 24 hours. Flooding was also reported in north-west Wales and in Dumfries and Galloway.

The rain was accompanied by severe gales, with gusts of 65mph to 75mph in western coastal areas and up to 95mph over the mountains.

The Environment Agency said hundreds of homes in Cockermouth, Kendal and Keswick, were flooded as the rivers Cocker, Greta and Derwent overflowed and levels rose 300mm in less than an hour.

"The ground is already saturated and the rivers are really high and moving very fast, and with more rain we will likely see more flooding," said a spokesman.

Keswick's mayor, Andrew Lysser, said: "It is all hands to the pump, really. The fear is if it stretches out.

"It is raining now and we have got another 10 hours of rain forecast. The water will still run of the fells and into the valleys".

The village of Shap was deluged by 38mm of rain in 12 hours. Twenty-one schools were closed for the day.

Forecasters warned of further bad weather to come in northern England, north-west Wales and western Scotland with winds in parts of western England and Wales gusting at up to 70mph.

The agency had 31 flood warnings and 62 less serious flood watches in place for England and Wales with Cumbria likely to continue to be badly affected.
Brother Snail is RNLI up there, so can some night owl keep an eye on this for me please?

Cheese eating one.
I've seen the news, and I am not clicking on one of your links, if that's ok with you ashie.

I'm quite worried that some RAF chappie will get told off by my younger 6 foot 4 ex-KORBR Sgt brother and get offended when he tells him to "get the fucking kids on the helicopter now, or I will come up that rope ladder and give you the good news".

I'm only joking there, I'm absolutely cacking it, and humour is the only way ahead until the little (!) fecker sends me a text back.

Contrarian said:
It's not a tsunami and it's not Bangladesh. He's in a sturdy boat doing what he enjoys. And he'll think you're a knob for being so concerned. :wink:
You are actually quite right, I just looked at Sky News again, and they are all just messing about in boats in the Main Road in Cockermouth and rescuing dogs.

I should really calm my jets, but I haven't seen him on telly yet saying "Get the fucking woman off the helicopter, get the dog in there first", and he is used to sturdier boats. I shouldn't have doubted him.
Contrarian said:
The_Snail said:
P.S. If it's not Bangladesh, and just some old Cumbrian place, do they get a concert?
I'm relatively confident I can arrange a Chas n Dave Reunion and a troop of Morris dancers.
He'd prefer it if you could get The Cheeky Girls and some pole dancers, if that's ok with you?

He might be a bit soggy, either from being in a shite dinghy type thing and being on telly and me ripping his arm off with the elbow part and bloody bits, or just generally having a "feely touch" of himself at the Cheeky Girls. He's not allowed to spank himself over his own sisters - we keep catching him, and it's just inherently wrong.

You have a PM dear.
sandmanfez said:
Suddenly, those webbed, inbred, Cumbrian fingers and toes, come into their own.
Atlantis is an anagram of Ambleside......probably.
Brother Slug is a Scouser, same as me, we just have the curly Belle Vale toes :wink:
Well fair play to him "Dale". My estate is evenly divvied up between the RNLI and MR. If you ever see an FCB2 named "Captain's Fancy" you'll know I've checked out.
sandmanfez said:
Well fair play to him "Dale". My estate is evenly divvied up between the RNLI and MR. If you ever see an FCB2 named "Captain's Fancy" you'll know I've checked out.
Don't talk big abbreviations to me, and don't forget to pay your bill on the way to check out.

"Dale" (apparently).
sandmanfez said:
The_Snail said:
sandmanfez said:
The_Snail said:
"Dale" (apparently).
You little tease. I've got your number.
I've got yours, but last time I called you told me to stop threatening your children. :roll:
Ah........crossed wires. I don't do children..............no matter what the CPS say.
If your phone number ends in 26 and mine ends in 911, we are on the same wavelength.

Run and hide.......

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