Floods hit murders teams offices

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. The offices used by detectives looking into unsolved murders during Northern Ireland's Troubles have been closed because of heavy rain.
    Heavy overnight rain caused structural damage to the roof of the Historical Enquiries Team's premises at Sprucefield near Lisburn.

    It is understood there was flood damage to electrics, computer and information technology equipment in the building.

    However, it is thought no files or documents stored there were damaged.

    In January, the team began work on its first 100 cases from April 1969.

    The squad, made up of about 100 detectives, is led by retired Metropolitan Police Commander David Cox.

    " Now how odd, When Ex Met Commissoner Stevens was in Northern Ireland investigating collusion. His Office went up in flames. I wonder if the same party made a big hole in Cox's office roof!!
  2. It's God, I tell ya.

    He's saying "Thou shallt not investigate stuff regarding Northern Ireland!"
  3. But is it the Catholic God or the Protestant God who's doing it?

  4. ..........or a former RUC God?
  5. Well, the last one mysteriously went up in flames..............now, a flood.........whats next ? Bubonic Plague hitting Police investigation team, suppose we can all wish !
  6. With my background I hate to say this ,but what is the point of this investigation? A lot of my friends were murdered and no one caught ,now if theyre caught they will be just let go.Its just a sop to victims who have lost everyone and who will get no justice from it.

    RIP Derek Breen
    Malcolm White
    Paul Clarke
    Steven Montgomery
    Stewart Montgomery
    Brian Quinn
    Norman Thompson
    Sam Todd
    Bob Buchanon
    Denis Price
  7. last time it was: "we didn't start the fire" on repeat on the jukebox.

    what song does one suggest for this "act of god" then?
  8. If memory serves me right (and it does) that is what the great pretender and ultimate 'Walt', Martin Ingram claimed. He actually stated to the Stevens lot that he was in the 'fly' and when the arsonists walked in........that was played on the jukebox........Waaaaaaahhhhh !!!
  9. Which, ironically, is a track on the Billy Joel album "Stormfront" :wink:
  10. why does it always rain on me?