Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairy_nuff, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Why do news channels send birds out to stand up to their knees in water to tell us that the area is flooded? What's the point? OBs are expensive and in this case un-necessary IMHO as we all know what water looks like.
  2. It gives us some eye candy to look at and if it's cold, guess the size of her nipples :)
  3. Same pointless reason as they stand outside the House of Parliament or No 10.

    Gives the impression of being 'in touch' with the issue.

    Why do they always illustrate an article about the economy with graphics of £20 notes or piles of loose change in the background. Don't they think we know what money looks like?
  4. News in............. if this bad weather carries on another couple of days they are thinking of lifting the hose pipe ban.
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  5. Just another lovely day in North Yorkshire.

    At no stage am I laughing at the little boys and girls running around Catterick Garrison.

    No siree, not me.
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  6. Thank fuck I live the right side of the street from the rivet!

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  7. Fuck me metal streets!
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  8. Ever heard of 'road metal'?
  9. Bloke was just on telly saying that Darlo Train Station is flooded.

    That's got to be a fucking improvement.
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  10. The word metal is derived from the Latin metallum, which means both "mine" and "quarry", hence the roadbuilding terminology.
  11. It is the only time the stench of stale wee and vomit gets washed away, there has to be some small value in the floods
  12. Gloworm, your village is worse than mine. I hope the pub's ok.
  13. Sandbags all round, the water got to the front door but didn't breach as the rest of the village was under water. The old peoples home sank again and the fire service carried them out in chest deep water, not good :-(

    There are skips the length of the main road with soggy carpets and white goods, for sale or to let signs going up all along too, people are giving up as this is now happening every couple of years, before it was a freak event maybe every ten or so.

    The other pub in the village has closed its doors a few months back so mine is doing ok, fingers crossed it dries out a bit so people can do their recovery before Crimble
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  14. They might just have been very short firemen mind :)
  15. I have, I watched a program all about it, it was riveting :)