Flooding Cumbria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oskar, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. City cut off after severe floods

    The city of Carlisle has been cut off with people left stranded in their homes because of severe flooding.
    Gusts of more than 90mph also battered the county and more than 50,000 homes are without power.

    Cumbria Police spokesman Mike Head said the city centre was "awash" and they are appealing for anyone with a boat to help them reach stranded families.

    They are also warning people who live on Warwick Road to leave their homes if they can do so safely.

    'Resources stretched'

    Mr Head said: "We've had people phoning up reporting that the water is starting to creep up the stairs in their homes.

    "Some houses have been evacuated, although I don't know how many exactly.

    "The city centre is awash and seeing as it's not right on the banks of the River Eden it must just be from the sheer downpour of water.
    "We're asking anyone who owns a boat to come out and help us get to the incidents."

    He said the weather conditions were the worst he had witnessed in a long time but he added that he was not aware of any casualties at present.

    Mr Head said the roads into Carlisle city centre were blocked with flood water and that conditions were making it difficult for the police force to get there themselves.

    "At the moment our resources are completely stretched and we've had to close the police station due to flooding," he added.

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2005/01/08 12:18:31 GMT

    © BBC MMV
  2. Didn't get the floods in my part of Cumbria - no flat bits :p
    Loads of roofs damaged/blown off & trees down everywhere.
    Street lights where the road out of the village crosses a gap by the sea are all leaning inland 8O
    These were the strongest winds in at least 10 years & it's still blowing a 9+ right now.
    Cod fishing should be good when I can stand up on the beach.
  3. OH deary dear. Cumbria Flooded. What a shame.
    Hope Silloth is enjoying the beer flooded cellars. Pity you couldnt taste the difference between sea water and someone pissing in your own beer barrels on the day she left your hotel...... :wink: . 8)
    PTP feel free to delete this, I know I shouldnt be in current affairs, but couldnt resist it........ OH how I love to watch millionaires drown in their own half baked fizzy pop..... so sorry NOT 8) :lol: Hope the guy that clicked his fingers for a waitress in the restaurant for service, is getting the service he deserved, hasta pronto :lol: :lol: :lol: oh joy :wink: Sauce with that sir????
  4. IT'S AN ILL WIND............................