Floodgates To Open ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Piglet_Files, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. As a member of the ICAREC Network, I would like to point out that this is a two year fiexd term contract.

    I would advise that you need to look at your benefits package including insurance and what happens to your NOK as you are going to be working in "high risk environments"?

    How will a civilian insurer cope with you applying for loss of earnings cover, never mind life cover?

    Are you going to be able to get a mortgage is you come out to go to a 2 year fixed term contract? Will the EU working time directive apply, or will you be working every hour god sends for that. Are you going to be on call, what is the rota like? How much separation will there be?

    You could be working in an environment where others doing the same job have widely variant standards, experience, vetting as well as pay, benefits and conditions of service.

    Oh and you might have to carry as well. In the current legal climate, I'd like to see some of the "actions on" that you draft out in your written orders each time you deploy...

    It would have been nice if someone could have come to the last ICAREC to fill out a few of these blanks.
  2. It also says on the intelligence part of the page "There are no current vacancies in Intelligence".
  3. Jeez theres no flies on you Spook !!!!! It might be because the job falls under the Intervention Department :?
  4. As a member of the Civilian network, with a significant axe to grind, I would urge all members of my fine Corps to avoid this lot like the plague. They are not honouring promises to those on full-time contracts so you have no feckin chance on a temp contract. Unless you are a member of the Kabal that spawned this awful mess they will scrimp on every penny you are owed!

    I agree that you should be even more wary of any position that may involve carrying a piece. Drive into the wrong funeral with this lot and I suspect you wont see them for dust!

    Think on!
  5. High Risk Enviroments? I had no iadea SOCA were operating in Glasgow!