Flood Humour

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by leveller, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Various roads round Gloucestershire are still closed, and other routes can get cut off or very busy, this gem from the Glos Echo, read from the bottom

    Mr Obvious, Someone had to

    Does anyone know what the golden valley roundabout is like?
    jen, chelt

    According to the radio, the rain has started again in some parts of the county and the roads are flooding and some are getting worse. Best bet to tune in to travel links I guess
    Suzy, Cheltenham


  2. I rang a mate of mine in Gloucester and asked him how the drought was going :twisted:

    The champagne is on ice for me until Kingsholm gets flooded though.
  3. I washed my hair in (bottled) spring water tonight.......'because I'm worth it'
  4. Dr Foster drove to Gloucester
    So he could visit his daughter
    He got in a muddle
    Drove into a puddle
    Now he's underwater
  5. But where is the moral high ground amongst all this?
    No use crying over spilt rivers.
  6. The rainy season should be in full swing and our site should be flooded.

    We are working in a dust bowl at the moment and the rivers are to low for the power stations so power cuts most days , catching up with my reading at the moment.