Flood Film

Just watched it last night, I thought the special affect was quite good, backed up with good shots of the Barrier and London, my problem is while it is a very entertaining film, is that the Actors are miscast all over the place and some scenes where a bit Contrived,

if they knew it was a Death Mission they could have tried to mitgate it,
such as where was the extra back up air tank for diving into the room to unlock the barrier ?

I noticed the SA80 rifles had Union Flag stickers on, anyone in the know would know that these are Airsoft rilfes

Nigel Planer ? I am sorry he is wrong for the role he is in.
The Fire Service Chief and Liason Officer were too young for their role and wooden acting.
Joanne Whally is very believable in her role as a Police Commissioner for London. probably the only real star.

BUT it is a good film for the storyline and premise, it didn't get promoted enough as it was released in one cinema to prevent accusations of capitalising on the recent flood disaster.


One thing I don't recognise is the Cap Badge of the troops and the Liaison Officer's Collar dogs, would anybody know ? or is it fictional ?

It is quite popular in the USA apparently according to IMDB forum.


what did you guys think of it ?


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Compared to the book it wsa a load of dog poo

The book is much more exciting, and ends up with half of London flooded AND burned.

Wooden acting, loads missing and far too 'Hollywood'.
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