Flood chiefs get big cash bonuses

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Huzzah! New Labour New Britian! No ones to blame but society and bonuses all round!

    I cannot think why

    I would LOVE to get you and your 'co-workers' in MY Private Sector food chain

    In full etc etc

  2. Its all water under the bridge.
    This will soon all just wash away.
  3. was adequate flood defenses and funding for them one of the targets that they failed to reach?
  4. Only in this country do they reward f***ing idiots for failure.Now they will put the prices up because their vast profits will be affected with having to spend money on the people. Never mind, I did not vote for NEW F***ING LABOUR anyway.
  5. So what part of the flood planning actually went well, surely part of the plan would of mentioned that there might get overwhelmed with water. I suppose if one of the targets was to increase water they met them well as theres loads of the stuff now (not drinkable I know)

    I wonder if water bills will be going up now to pay for the bonuses and maintenance.
  6. It's par for the course in 'Management' these days, even in business and rampantly so in quangos like this. I remember Luc van der Velde getting a record-breaking bonus for meeting targets in the same year M&S shares hit an all-time low and it seemed the company was about to go under. It seems that, "the operation was a success but the patient died", is the guiding philosophy of decision-making these days.
  7. Who is surprized? Not me - nothing surprizes me with NeuLiarbour and their 'chummy-wummy' quango types.

    Politics, regardless of 'party colour' are now so corrupt and bankrupt of integrity in this country that in any other nation the scent of revolution would be in the air.

    Maybe this disgrace in modern times started with the Tory 'Sleaze-Fest',
    but hasn't Bliar and his awful gang carried on the 'good work' with zeal and boundless enthusiasm?

    I fear that we have 'seen nothing yet' as this so-called 'son-of-the-manse' struggles with the reality of his position - for which he is grossly over-promoted.

    Time to find another country and s*d those who say 'traitor' or 'runaway'!
  8. No big surprise there then.

    Another reason to be overseas. At least the fellows here are open in their corruption.

    Mind you HM is a little pissed that all his new roads and neighbourhoods washed away during the recent cyclone. Appears some CEO's are about to have a few no coffee interviews. All quite entertaining, especially when you have the good fortune to select a house on a ridge.

  9. Yep, I'd agree with that.... It rained, it flooded... plans a good un' Bonus all round.... Now if it was an 'Anti Flood Plan'......... :roll:

    New Libour appointee's with their nose's in the trough again.... incompetant c*nts.
  10. They turned for work most days what else do you expect. The CSA staff all got there bonus, So did the department that that should have paid out the farm subsidies a year ago and still have not finished job. The MoD got theirs and there serviemen and women buying there own kit and units running out of ammunition. So it appears you don't have to do any thing except turn up for work.